VietNam – Showbiz – Designer Quynh Tran suggests a white dress in the style of a lady

The collection consists of 25 applied fashion models, suitable for many situations such as parties, walks or meetings, reflecting the characteristics of Quynh Tran’s design style.

On the background of materials such as chiffon, lace, satin, feathers and organza, the designer performs bonding and drapery techniques to create bold lady dresses.

The 20 outfits are double-necked shirts with feather skirts, cascading dresses, crop tops with skirts… help maximize feminine beauty and physique of the wearer.

Quynh Tran said she uses white throughout the collection because it is the ‘queen’ color in fashion.

The white color is simple but never goes out of fashion, both feminine and modern. The designer wishes that the costumes in the collection will be a selection suggestion for ladies who aim for elegance and perfection.

The sleeveless dress with light material catches the light to help the wearer shine more. This is an application choice for many situations such as going to work, going out.

Quynh Tran uses 3D flower arranging techniques to create a highlight for the fancy cubic dress.

In the designs, the 9X fashion house always focuses on the element of respecting the wearer’s figure with accents such as waist extract, open shoulders, sexy cuts in moderation.

Despite using the same white color, Quynh Tran makes the most of the variety of materials and cropping ways so that each design is new and not duplicated.

The series was taken by the designer at a building in gothic style, with a harmonious combination of modern and classic beauty, in accordance with the spirit of the collection.

Quynh Tran was born in 1991, used to be a famous hot girl in Hanoi before turning to fashion design. After 10 years of building a personal brand, her feminine outfits are many Vietnamese stars such as Miss Huong Giang, runner-up Huyen My, actress Thanh Huong, Trang Cherry … favourite. To mark a new step in his career, the 9X designer plans to make a personal fashion show in the near future.



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