Why is Northeast “pork stew vermicelli” so popular? Where does this dish come from?

Why is Northeast “pork stew vermicelli” so popular? Where does this dish come from? Stew is the most common and most common cooking method in Northeast cuisine, which is about related to the cold in the Northeast, you think, the stew of the cauldron is served, bubbling hot, eating in the mouth warm, the body suddenly adds heat, and the cauldron stew will not cool quickly, even if you eat a little longer, the dish is still warm. Most of the customs in the northeast are related to the ethnic groups in the northeast, some people say that stew is the way to eat left by the northeast nomads, here was once the Mongolian, Dajin, Daliao, Manchu residence, these nomads live a life of displacement on horseback, a large iron pot on horseback, every time they camp, they have to throw meat and vegetarian into a pot to stew, slowly forming a northeast characteristic stew.

Pork stew vermicelli is a famous dish in the northeast, the vermicelli absorbs the aroma of meat, and the meat becomes fat but not greasy, and the most simple dish is the most unforgettable taste. The dish is Sichuan cuisine is also Northeast cuisine, originated in Sichuan, during the Tang Dynasty Xue Rengui liked Sichuan cuisine very much, after Xue Rengui was sent to the northeast by the government, he also brought Sichuan cuisine to the northeast, and developed it into northeastern cuisine according to the local style. As a result, it has become a major feature of Northeast cuisine.


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