Army Battle Hero: TPS Commando, game for IOS

Game Army Battle Hero: TPS Commando, game for IOS
Type IOS game
Publisher Creative Monkey Games & Technologies Private Limited


Army Battle Hero is the Action packed Best Offline Free Third-Person Shooter game. You have to enter the enemy’s battlefield all alone, be a part in the combat and destroy the enemy forces. Stay alive and bring victory to your country. It’s the best battle ground survival game with deadly missions. Consider yourself as a Soldier Hero, a superman with all powers and wipe out the enemies with the help of number of assault rifle weapons available in our store.

Engage yourself into various solo TPS missions to shoot and eliminate the enemy forces. You’ll be using various Army Weapons, Drive Army Jeeps and Ambulances to attack enemies and conquer battles.The battle ground is surrounded with water and you jump and swim to escape from the enemies. Such a realistic game with amazing top features you have never imagined.

Best TPS shooting game for you in 2019 with Para jump feature. Land wherever you want and counter strike the enemies with the weapons and grenades. You will encounter robot enemies and it will start to attack you fast where you can use grenades or upgraded rifles to destroy them. It’s like us strike force adventures shooting game. Kill the violent enemies and survive in the death attacks. You will encounter the helicopter attacks which makes the game even more interesting. Game has following weapons, MINIGUN, MP5K, G36C, VINTOREZ, AUG, TAR21, AK74UN, SHOTGUN, AK47, SPAS12, GOBLIN, SCAR,M4, AK47, MACHINEGUN.

If you love Solo Survival Shooter Missions, then this game is the perfect treat for you in 2019. It’s the best shooting offline 3D game with absolute new experience for all the shooter game lovers. Be an avenger, Become a top hero, Clash with the enemies and save your country.

Army Battle Hero Game Features
Global Map of the battle ground
25+ players on the ground
Battle army weapons and grenades
Robot enemies which cause huge damage
Swimming in water feature to escape from enemies
Para landing to choose landing location
Helicopter attacks to counter strike


SellerCreative Monkey Games & Technologies Private Limited

Size374.6 MB



Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 9.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 9.0 or later.


Age Rating17+ Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence

Copyright© Creative Monkey Games & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


In-App Purchases

  • Unlock All Guns $79.99
  • Unlock All Levels $19.99
  • Unlock All Guns $59.99
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