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The entry of chili peppers into mainstream seasoning is at least after the “Daoguang”, and it has not been more than two hundred years ago. The “big cafeteria” at the entrance is now the “Spicy Tiger Hall”. Originally, one-twentieth of the dishes were spicy, but now nine-tenths of the dishes […]

Accordingly, at 12:9 am on January 31, the Su-22 aircraft, number 5873 of the 921st Airborne Regiment, Division 371, Air Defense – Air Force, led by Captain Tran Ngoc 3rd level pilot Duy took control, took off the first flight, training flight number 206. At 12:27, during landing, the plane […]

Nam Dinh Vieng Market is the first market of the year, meeting on the night of the 7th and 8th in Nam Dinh. According to the old concept, Vieng market has the meaning of “buying and selling luck”. A lot of visitors from all over have flocked to Vieng market […]