ChiNa – Beijing has added 1 new cluster of epidemics related to express delivery companies tracing the source of the epidemic

Beijing news (reporter dai xuan) beijing held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control today (may 14). pang xinghuo, deputy director of the beijing municipal center for disease control and prevention, introduced that there were 8 new cases of new infections in the related cluster epidemic of the third company of the eleventh bureau of china railway, all from control personnel, and a total of 49 cases of infected people were reported, involving 4 districts, including 39 cases in haidian district, 8 cases in fangshan district, and 1 case each in xicheng district and daxing district. traceability is ongoing.

there were 3 new cases of infections in the data center of beijing rural commercial bank, all from control personnel, and a total of 37 cases of infection were reported, including 26 cases of employees and 11 cases of employees’ relatives and friends. traceability is ongoing.

there are no new infected people in the relevant cluster of epidemics related to the crew of bus station 534, and 3 cases of infected people have been reported in total. traceability is ongoing.

beijing has added a new cluster of epidemics related to the changyang branch of yunda express, with a total of 16 cases of infected people, involving 2 districts, including 15 cases in fangshan district and 1 case in fengtai district, and the source of circulation investigation is in progress.

By: Ling Xeng


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