China – late qing dynasty old photographs: these women are the daughters-in-law of poor families, to the point of being naked

the women in the photo are the daughters-in-law of poor families, which have reached the point where they are not covered, which can be described as very feudal in the era at that time, but this situation is also forced!

at that time, the three wives and four concubines, although they had begun to advocate one wife and one concubine at that time, there were still many “rich people” who “became officials” and “committed crimes against the wind”.

hunting has always been the entertainment that the qing dynasty vigorously promoted, the princes and grandchildren all comment on the hero by the amount of hunting, and the photo shows a group of rich people hunting and playing in the wild, probably because they are all women, the ground is covered with blankets, and a noble lady sits on the ground with a gun and concentrates on shooting.

the picture above is a scene from the late qing dynasty. the doctor was taking the pulse for the woman. chinese culture is broad and profound, especially in the field of medical technology, there are high achievements, taking the pulse at that time one of the cases. looking at the doctor’s serious expression, he seemed to have sensed something. in fact, this woman usually has vomiting, suspects that there is joy, and wants the doctor to see if it is true.

in ancient china, there were many and cruel punishments, but none of them left any photos, only the qing dynasty, which is closest to us, left many photos of punishments. the punishment of the qing dynasty was even worse than that of other dynasties, and there were five main legal punishments: flogging, staff, discipleship, exile, and death. the photo shows a fierce face wearing a splint on her head, and she doesn’t even have her feet wrapped, which shows that this woman is also a legend


By: Tang Sheng


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