China to build railway linking China and Nepal to be completed by 2022

As we all know, the highest mountain in the world is the Himalayas on the Central-Nepal border, which is also a peak that we have not conquered on earth, neither humans nor modern¬†technology¬†can conquer. The world’s tallest and youngest mountain range serves as a barrier to communication and exchanges between people on both sides of the mountain, affecting the development of China and Nepal.

Of course, China’s infrastructure is quite strong, which is not because our country is preparing to build a new railway recently, and this railway will pass through the roof of the world and reach neighboring Nepal. The railway has a total length of 540 km, after completion will become a road of trade and friendly exchanges between the two countries.

We all know that the Himalayas are above sea level, of course altitude sickness is heavier than the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. It is understood that one-fifth of this railway line is in Nepal, and it eventually reaches the port of Geelong in Nepal via the Japan-Kyrgyzstan Railway. Four-fifths of the remaining railways are Chinese, and the completion of the railway will boost the development of the two countries’ borders.

It is known that the completion of the entire railway is expected to be completed by 2022, and the biggest obstacle is that the highest mountain, in the whole construction process, some people even proposed to skip the mountain to make this railway, but considered the consumption of resources too high So, A design plan such as opening tunnels for railways has been proposed.

Of course, for a project like crossing the world’s highest peak it must be said to be very difficult, fortunately our staff is prepared. They chose a shield from South Asia, which can reach a diameter of more than 12 meters and is very useful during the construction of the tunnel.

And some other construction tools are gradually being prepared, of course, both the designer and these builders are devoting their energies to this railway.



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