Game Alpha Squad 5

Game Alpha Squad 5
Publisher Kongregate
Genre Action
Size 100MB
Latest Version 2.8.3
MOD Info Infinite Energy
Get it On Google Play
OS Games Android

The RPG genre has never been so hot, so Kongregate has retained its place in the current gaming market. Recently, the publisher released Alpha Squad 5 featuring this type of game. STORM power is coming; you need to arrange a team of 4 heroes to fight back. But it’s not enough to pick up; you need to collect and upgrade your companions for the kill and fight STORM. Besides that, you can completely associate with other players to fight, complete quests or compete with others. No need to be heroes, you can use the villains to match your strategy, as long as you win. Each battle is limited to a short amount of time, so the game is fast paced and intense, requiring you to accelerate and demand strength.

Collect heroes and build the perfect squad

When you fight, the characters and heroes that you attack will launch gorgeous, beautiful skins, which contain the characters’ animations and their personalities, you can collect them. Not only that, the equipment that the enemy attacked you can also pick up and equip your team, it will help you strengthen. Map games are quite large, enough for you to fight hard, train soldiers, gather skin or equipment needed.

Each time you complete a quest, you can summon a new soldier or get the needed item very useful. The duration of the game is quite short; you need to focus fully and must be strong to complete the task/screenplay quickly. In the game there are many combat modes, you can fight PvP, fight with the game model, … Be competitive with other players so you can rank in the rankings. Get the necessary equipment for your team’s characters so you can fight better. Chatting with other players will make the game do not become boring and can still be active. There will be many quests from the events, regularly check for a better gaming experience.

Alpha Squad 5 battles are addictive and fast-paced

The game is designed in 3D so the details will be carefully guarded, lighting effects, beautiful images, simple interface, easy to control and manipulate. With a view from above, you fully observe the whole battle and control the soldiers easily with your tactics. Simplified regarding size, not too high on configuration, Alpha Squad 5 has an easy-to-use user experience. The sound is also quite catchy, increasing the ability to experience the game. The updates will add many new players, new features, periodic updates for the better gaming experience.

In a nutshell, Alpha Squad 5 is a good RPG RPG. Before that, Kongregate had many highly regarded products that Alpha was continually updated to complement the features fully, so the Alpha Squad 5 care and welcome are not difficult to understand. Alpha Squad 5 with such things could promise a good future for publisher Kongregate, which could be a hot game shortly.

The battle is waiting for you, experience and express your feelings!

MOD Info:

2. Health x20
3. Damage x100


NOTE 1: In order to run this App you will need to grant storage permission and overlay permission for that app if you have Android 6 or higher. Otherwise it will crash cause of the menu!

NOTE 2: You got 2 menu buttons out of nothing? No problem! Just force close the game, the menu didn’t closed correctly from last time and is now double active =)

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