Game Angry Birds Legends

Game Angry Birds Legends
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Strategy
Size 465M
Latest Version 3.3.1
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Update December 9, 2020 (3 months ago)

Surely for those who have an interest in gaming, no one is unaware of the name Angry Birds. And the player’s winged comments about the game, such as the most successful mobile app the world has ever seen, is a common occurrence. And to be able to continue the great successes before are extremely difficult challenges. But for the publisher of the game “Rovio Entertainment Corporation”, nothing is impossible for them. The developer’s team has built a name for international stature, and now with the name Angry Birds Legends carries the same hope. The game will be a perfect combination of what is called the past and the future. Quickly install this game to be able to have the best combat experience!

Angry Birds Legends

A new story, more special than ever have been started

The first thing when coming to this game that players feel is familiarity. A strange familiarity comes from the breath of previous “Angry Birds” titles. But now, it’s time to change and give yourself a new direction, extremely special gameplay to be able to find a suitable standing position where this name used to be. To be able to do that, the first thing that the producer needs to do for “Angry Birds Legends” is to own a new, unique storyline. And as everyone knows about this game, a land where fierce battles are always fought between angry birds and their eternal enemies.

This is where battles between rivalries take place and span many generations to come. But life does not just go on going to a cyclic region, now is the time for an uninvited “new friend” to appear. The impact on the old feud and start to turn them into a mess. Your task now is to quickly gather all the strongest Heroes of all factions to be able to confront an evil opponent. Let’s wait for a real war to break out!

Angry Birds Legends

A special plan has been put in place to save the world in danger

As mentioned above, your quest now in Angry Birds Legends is a heavy one. Your next decisions can affect the survival of a culture for generations. Now to be able to end the chaos and bring it all back to the original rotation, you need to quickly assemble your army. Now, our real threat is the evil, brutal, incredibly dangerous force that can affect the survival of a culture. The story is no longer between Angry Birds and their enemies, but between all and a single opponent.

Angry Birds Legends

The characters confront each other, now on the same frontline

The first thing you need to do for sure will be to gather yourself a powerful army. But the question is: “Where will this army start and what characters are included in it?” As for the seriousness of the next battle, you will face, your army will start with all the Heroes ever. They will include all of the strongest contributors and your army and will be ready to fight at any time for victory. Now it is no longer a matter of distinguishing between Angry Birds, enemy pigs, or even humans. The strongest Heroes will be the best choice for the next decisive battle you face.

Angry Birds Legends


Besides, it’s not just the most outstanding Heroes who come together on a team that can quickly win. Because with “Angry Birds Legends”, your opponent will be an extremely powerful, and brutal force. Now, your troops need to have a completely new strategy to have a chance to win them. Teammates in order to win victory need to understand each other. That is all warriors in battle need to be arranged according to a certain, specific strategy.

Angry Birds Legends

They will connect your warriors together, coordinate their skills into a single body to quickly finish off the opponent. In addition, to be able to build a strong army, that army needs to really have strength. Bring your warriors into the upgrading zone and turn them into the perfect versions of yourself. Now let’s start the match “Angry Birds Legends” to be able to save the world “Angry Birds” from hostile forces!


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