Game Animus – Stand Alone

Game Animus – Stand Alone
Publisher TENBIRDS
Genre RPG
Size 940GB
Latest Version 1.2.2
MOD Info Money/Damage
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Update December 27, 2019 (1 year ago)

You are an adventurous lover, you always want to own the most advanced and special weapons like ancient warriors. You want to experience wars with strange creatures even with aliens like the heroes of HollyWood. Let’s join the Animus – Stand Alone, where solitary heroes go through bloody battles to survive the dry desert. Animus – Stand Alone (Ire SA Edition) is the next mobile version of Ire – Blood Memory.

A lone warrior

This is an action game so all the players have to do is fight. The location of the battle can be anywhere because when the enemy creatures appear, they will attack you. Players may only need to kill one, but they must also deal 3 or 4 at the same time. Each species has its own characteristics, so when fighting players must also know how to use tactics to both avoid attacks on the enemy and attacked them. The tactical control buttons are located in the right corner of the screen. The energy and combat abilities of the character are represented by two red and blue lines in the upper left corner of the screen. Players are not limited by space because the character can go out to observe and attack the enemy.


The game has a lot of characters to choose from when used, but there is also a playable character available offline. The game is divided into 5 levels from easy to difficult and 3 different combat results (Dawn, Midday, Dusk). There are 4 main battle areas, 11 main battle bosses and corresponding level weapons after the player wins. There are also many other items and information about the poison, the ability to attack, limited fighting, the number of enemies … The new program will always be updated, Newly upgraded bosses and weapons to provide enough data for new battles in the game.

Graphics and other features

Although the game has a relatively small installed capacity, however, after download, the system will require downloading additional DATA files up to 1GB. Read the free memory before downloading this game. Regarding graphics, the game offers a tremendously immersive experience on mobile. Everything from maps, monsters to grassy roads is designed in a way that is authentic. Few 3D games on the mobile can do so.

Sum up

Animus – Stand Alone APK is for you, who always look for fighting recipes and are ready to fight anytime, anywhere. Monsters let us worry, but you find out and lower them to try their own fighting. The game is full of awesome fighting skills, huge monsters with barbarians. Requires players to focus and use their best to destroy the enemy.

MOD Info

  1. x5 DMG
  2. God mode
  3. Unlimited Gold
  4. Unlimited Gem
  5. Unlimited Shark
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