Game Arcade Mayhem Juanito

Game Arcade Mayhem Juanito
Publisher Game Ever Studio
Genre Arcade
Size 80M
Latest Version 3.2.2
MOD Info unlocked
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Update August 23, 2018 (3 years ago)

Have you ever thought outside the earth are weird creatures? According to many of the evidence that NASA has found, they have visited Earth, but there is no unfortunate consequence. But no one knows, they are exploring the Earth and are preparing for a major invasion, one day they will pour into Earth and eradicate the civilization we have built for thousands of years. We need to stop these evil intentions before it’s too late, but we lack a tool, that is Arcade Mayhem Juanito. This is the Arcade game that combines adventure elements where you fight to protect oneself. Are you ready to fight for survival?


The story revolves around Juanito and the Clonocells. They are guests outside the planet, who are intent on invading our earth. Many times, missiles and spacecraft are launched out of space but are lost signal after a period of departure. The Clonocell flood caused this, destroying spaceships and human satellites. Now the earth is under siege; they are sending troops into the planet to rob them. Now, only the extraordinary boy Juanito and his good friend Gluk can fight the monsters Clonocell. Will this last hope save Earth?

Frenzy action and retro love

The player will be played as Juanito, accompanied by him, Gluk. In this dangerous journey, players will have to fight all kinds of monsters, even dragons or King Kong. With only one gun, the player must skillfully control the character, based on his experience and talent to defeat the monsters. At the same time, players also have to dodge the vast puzzle pieces from the sky falling.

Juanito has a certain amount of blood, each time he is injured, the amount of blood is reduced, the player must restart the game when he dies. Besides, in the game, there are many support items such as food or blood donation to support players. Collect them and win, with more than 80 levels of difficulty, players can experience the experience.


Although Arcade Mayhem Juanito MOD does not have such a beautiful graphics as the popular role-playing games, it is not that the appeal of the game is reduced. In addition, the lightweight graphics make the required hard drive space of the game significantly reduced, suitable for many models. Download this game and play it at idle time

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