Game Archery Club

Game Archery Club
Publisher BoomBit Games
Genre Simulation, Sports
Size 70M
Latest Version 2.19.3
MOD Info Unlimited Gems
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Update March 11, 2021 (3 days ago)

In the professional sports world, archery is a sport that receives a lot of attention from many people. Archery has long gone and deep in the veins of every human being. The ancient tribes used bows as weapons to hunt for wild animals. Developing a little more, archery is a subject for the Royal Tribe to entertain and show its power by hunting large beasts. Now in the era of development, archery has been included in one of the Olympic sports, with the participation of many countries in the world. So do you want to experience what archery feels like? Archery Club (MOD, Unlimited Gems) *** Now with the release of the game Archery Club: PvP Multiplayer you can experience the feeling of archery right on your phone. Produced by BoomBit Games, a publisher has released many popular titles such as Tiny Gladiators, Build a Bridge!… all of which are popular games. The game will help you transform into a professional archery player, you will feel the meticulous care that an archer needs.


The game has fairly simple gameplay, just shoot the bow, aim carefully and shoot. But to ensure the bullshit, the player must observe carefully to ensure that. Not just keep raising the bow to be able to shoot, need to observe environmental factors such as wind force, hands inaccurate … Once you can master those elements, you will urgently hit. To be able to hold the bow, the player uses his finger to touch and drag at the screen. Once you have raised the bow and arrow, the tremor of the arm will make you unable to look at a position, you only have 1 fraction of a second to shoot the target before it is too late. To shoot, just release your finger from the screen. Archery Club (MOD, Unlimited Gems) ***

Game Mode

Total in the game there are 3 different game modes with different requirements. The first mode is “Shortbow”, in this mode, a match only takes place within 30 seconds only. Within that time, you will try to shoot down as many targets as possible, which will train the player’s instantaneous reflexes. The second mode is Longbow, this is a game with no time limit but a goal limit. Each player will have 3 shots and 3 targets. After each shot, the target will be changed and placed a further distance, which will make it difficult to gain star points. Players need to be careful and timing to shoot. The final mode is Compoundbow, in which players need to have a strategy to play in order to achieve high scores. There will be many targets out there, the player will decide which one he will shoot at. Sometimes the standard shot is not necessarily a high shot, so choose carefully your strategy to win. Archery Club (MOD, Unlimited Gems) ***


Archery Club: PvP Multiplayer has dozens of great features and will make you extremely excited.


All game modes are played with other players around the world, you will be able to participate in real matches. This will increase the difficulty as well as the authenticity and fun of the game.

Equipment System

In the game, there are countless pages related to the bow and arrow of the character. This equipment will be unlocked when you win matches with other players or you can unlock them with in-game money. Up to 4 different equipment to form a complete bow and arrow. In addition, players can upgrade to make them stronger and improve the rate of hit targets. Even if the equipment is good, the skill of the player is still more important than all, honing your skills carefully.


There are many different toy maps in the game, creating a variety and not boring for players. There is a place of green grass, surrounded by majestic mountains, where there is a playground of an ancient palace, sumptuous and magnificent, there are also places covered all-around snow with strong winds. Even participated in the big tournament with surrounding stands filled with spectators. Archery Club (MOD, Unlimited Gems) ***


Archery Club has the most vivid and realistic 3D format. Thanks to the gameplay with many honest elements such as the weak strength of the wind, the gravity of the earth … Combined with the 3D graphics from the first perspective, it has increased the authenticity of the game. Archery Club (MOD, Unlimited Gems) ***


The game’s effects have also been carefully taken care of by the creative team to ensure the liveliness and authenticity of the game for players. The sound in the game is not inferior to the elements of name, the sound of the wind, audience cheering … all heard extremely honest. All of the above elements work well together to form Archery Club. So what are you waiting for without downloading the game immediately?


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