Game Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes

Game Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes
Publisher xiaojiao zhang
Genre RPG
Size 650MB
Latest Version 1.8.0
MOD Info One Hit
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Update September 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

Auto Chess is currently one of the most exciting topics in the game market. In the beginning, it was a Dota mod map, so there were quite a few people who knew and loved it. Because the gameplay is simple and capable of killing time well when players don’t want to play a MOBA game too hard. But do not underestimate the entertainment capabilities of Auto Chess because if you are passionate about it, it can also cost you a lot of that time.

With idle play when players do not need to bother too much in the battle process, players do not need to be too stressful. But tactical elements integrated into the game make players still have certain thinking if they do not want to lose too soon. Through many updated versions, its gameplay also has certain complexities that make players focus more if they don’t want to miss too soon.

The world’s popular Auto Chess is coming!

Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes is an entirely game-style Auto Chess game and players will not play DotA Heroes. The game developer has created an entirely separate Heroes system and makes sure that players will spend a lot of time to learn everything. However, the way to play is still the same, only the battle mechanism of the characters in the game has a big stylization.

Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes is entirely competitive with graphics of this genre. Just a quick look at its full 3D graphics is to see the potential and potential of the game design team. The characters that are put into the game have entirely separate skills with the ultimate fighting potential that you can easily exploit. Each time they use the skill, and you will see beautiful effects designed by the theme of that hero. With a diversified character class system, the game requires you to have a solid knowledge base to go further.

First, when entering a real battle, you will have to fight with the basic heroes that the game gives you. Each battle, the player will be placed on a table of certain characters, and when all is decided, you cannot control anything anymore. The figures on the table will start rushing together and fighting until there is a collapsed side. Everything happens automatically so you can stop and watch your character fight or do something else.

More than 60 heroes are available

In terms of character system, there will be two interesting things about them that profoundly influence the gameplay of “Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes.” Characters will be divided into different classes, with separate powers and functions, with a certain influence on the battle. Before confronting the opponent, you will have to consider what the opponent has and the right decision. Besides, the chess board system cannot be infinite so they can be combined. For each of the three similar characters and standing close, they will automatically join together to form other Heroes with a higher level of power than before. Just like that, just three similar characters and ranks are promoted. With a system of more than 60 heroes with three levels of evolution, the game will bring a rich power system and is easy to customize for players to diversify their tactics.

MOD Info

  2. ONE HIT
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