Game Armored Warfare: Assault APK – PvP in a fierce battlefield

Game Armored Warfare: Assault APK – PvP in a fierce battlefield
Publisher B.V.
Genre Action, Strategy
Size 865M
Latest Version 1.7.11
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Update January 27, 2020 (1 year ago)

You want to find a game for leisure on the coming holidays. You are wondering whether the action game, the tactics to challenge yourself in new dramatic laps or choose a simple game but to help you know more about the outside world. Or maybe there is a game that combines all of them. Come on, Armored Warfare: Assault. This is an action-oriented game but comes with essential fighting strategies plus providing people with particular insights into tanks. So please join soon to learn more.

PvP in a fierce battlefield

When participating becomes a character in Armored Warfare: Assault, the primary means used is the tank. No doubt about the variety of tanks present in the game. Armored Warfare: Assault will take you to global military hotspots, and all you do is join the battlefield. Collect all the advanced armoured vehicles, upgrade your crew and destroy your opponents with the latest military technology weapons such as smoke grenades, air raids, missiles and much more. Their use is the way entirely as in real life. Controls for vehicle movement are shown on the screen with just a few simple buttons, internal weapons such as bombs, ammunition or missiles or something like that are also available and optional for the use of players in the battle. Have time to launch a struggle and a certain number of opponents to help players shape ahead.

Features and graphics

Make sure any player involved is amazed by the massive design, authenticity and rich in quality as well as the capabilities of these vehicles. Also, the game also has a factory of tanks to spend a certain amount of money; you can redeem yourself a new bigger, better and earn more money from the win. Create yourself a massive collection and join the conversation with friends, the other members in it to show off your achievements.

Other feature

Various game modes like 3v3, 8v8. You can also own more than 80 different tanks.  The game provides a system for developing vehicles based on player achievements, ranks achieved and the amount of money that can be paid to upgrade them with modules: air raid, smoke grenades, control missiles. Also, improved controls will also be changed on the control frame and turret move with one hand. The game was developed with Unreal Engine 4 technology; the graphics are designed in detail, special effects in battle. Space for fighting is varied. Almost all terrain or weather is present in each battle. Only with such some weapons in different ranks. Players must be careful not to lose suddenly.

Sum up

Armored Warfare: Assault Mod is one of the latest games that utilise tank vehicles on mobile phones and is a game that will probably be perfect for those who love tanks or use weapons to Experience the feeling of a real battle on the battlefield. Let’s see the trailer and join the game right away.

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