Game Battle of Souls (by Play Park)

Game Battle of Souls (by Play Park)
Publisher Play Park
Genre RPG
OS Android Games

Since mobile games have become so popular among gamers, tactical games have had a solid place in the hearts of fans. From the beginning, when high-end graphics technologies were not applied and mobile games were still using simple mechanics, automatic card games became a hot trend of the day. Until now, when the microprocessor of the mobile is extremely powerful, can play games like PC but card games are still favourite. Maybe the player loves it because of the simple mechanics in a complex strategy game, not in the novelty of the character control.

From the publisher of Summoner Wars

Because of that, until now card games have been released regularly to cater to the needs of the players. However, in the game, there are also improvements or customization to be able to highlight the theme of the game. Recently, Play Park has launched two consecutive blockbusters that revitalize the gaming community. Summoner Wars is the first game that has gained popularity after being launched shortly. And Battle of Souls is the product they are launching in the summer of 2018. Their latest move is to open the first registration port for this game, so sure the game will quickly serve the player, but not delay again.


First, though it is a card game, the very high ARPG factor makes the gameplay more customizable. Talk about the card element, the mechanics of the control will be as simple as all games of the same genre. Players will be able to control their characters in battle through summon cards. A match will allow you to bring 4 champions and start your battle journey against the monsters. Thus, a four card category for those champions will be placed at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to track all of their stats and stats. Each champion will have their own HP bar and two special skills placed near their champions cards. The battle will end when you kill all the monsters and the boss is in that scene, or your team is dead.

The ARPG factor in the game is that the characters you control will be divided into clear character classes such as Knight, Assassin, Archer, Wizard, Shaman, Priest. Each of them has different developmental paths by upgrading their skills, equipment, and stats. Thus, the customization will be featured and the formation and tactics of each player will be different even though the squad is the same.


Although it is a card game, it is placed in the beautiful 3D graphics. Although the scenery design is not very special but still enough to show the darkness of the game context. The characters in the game are well timed but the most notable point in the game is the skill system. Each character is produced by a producer with a complex skill tree. When released, there will be magnificent effects, emphasizing the power of the attack. The player will have the phenomena match with the fiery battle that he is the main character.


In addition to the interesting points I mentioned above, there are still many mysteries to be explored. Hidden lands or desolate battlegrounds always make the player feel excited. When the game is officially up and running, new events will be rolled out to make the game last longer, as the content changes weekly.

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