Game BattleHand Heroes

Game BattleHand Heroes
Publisher Kongregate
Genre RPG
Latest Version 2.0.0
MOD Info 1hit/Godmode
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OS Android Games

Have you ever wished to become a hero like Superman, or become a member of the Superpowers family?

Become a hero to protect the righteousness, against the evil, the wick and receive the feeling of expectation of the mortal people for you. Make that happen with BattleHand Heroes. A fictional role-playing game, transforming you into a hero, sets up a team to protect the peace of Silver City against the evil Omega army that is trying to destroy the beautiful city of yours and the Your beloved are living.

Interesting gameplay

Omega troops from aliens have come to Silver City, your dream city to destroy and cause trouble. Join Mr Sunshine, a mighty general who sets up a team of superheroes to fight off bad guys and protect the city. Your main task is to lead a brave army and defend a city from the invasion of enemies. Build your own army, train them to explore their supernatural powers, equip them with the skills and armour needed to win the enemy in furious encounters.

In your conquering superhero team, each of them has unique abilities and unique fighting style. Use them in every battle. They will have their own advantages and can knock down the enemy in a wink of an eye. You need to have enough smarts and tactics to use players properly. Apply the action cards to the heroes so they can use the corresponding attack functions. These attack cards will be displayed on your screen, you just press to select, and your character will immediately execute the attack on the enemy. There are a lot of different attacking cards and various effects that can be applied reasonably so that you can knock down opponents before you get knocked out.

The game offers you two game modes: single-player and multiplayer. You can single-handedly fight enemies, or you can also fight with your friends or other players around the world. Besides, modes such as PvP challenges and some other game modes will be unlocked gradually during the game when you are enough levels to request, which will allow you to connect to social networks in the game to play more.

Cute graphics

The game has nice 3D graphics, smooth character movements. The effect around it is very lively, causing many players to think they are playing a game of action. You can see clearly, the scenery around the game is drawn with cartoon style. If you watch comic cartoons like DC Comic or Marvel Comic, these are very familiar spaces. Although it is a card-focused game, BattleHand Heroes still show very clearly the power of his. Evidence that you can turn the character and background with 360 degrees


BattleHand Heroes MOD is designed with a beautiful 3D graphics, creating the battle is extremely lively and exciting, giving exciting feelings for players. Easy to use skills, be flexible using different fighting tactics in combat for the chance to win. A City of Dreams City Silver is waiting for you, come and fight the bad guys, take them back and bring peace to the city!

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