Game Battleheart Legacy
Publisher Mika Mobile
Genre RPG
Size 461M
Latest Version 1.5.4
MOD Info Money/Points
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Update August 14, 2020 (7 months ago)

It can be said that a game in the genre of adventure always has its own number of fans. Because to be able to complete all the missions is not a day-to-day affair, but that is the process of collecting items, unlocking locations, and adventure to new lands. Those are always the points that make the series like GTA become famous and have a considerable number of players. But finding such a game on your phone is really difficult. Because to achieve specific standards in terms of storyline, graphics, or visualization is always a problem that manufacturers have a headache. The problem is to make it so that the elements must be harmonious without taking up too much space on the player’s phone. And must give a compliment to Mika Mobile for creating a game that will appeal to those who love the adventure genre, and that is Battleheart Legacy. And to explain why the game is appreciated as well as for those who do not have any concept of this game can get an overview and objectivity. Before making a decision whether or not to bring this game to your phone.

Lovely graphics, diverse items, eye-catching maps

It can be affirmed that Battleheart Legacy has a harmonious combination between the East and the West when entering the game or need to find a place to complete the task. We will see a map written on parchment. Although it may seem familiar to those who are fans of fantasy-animated series like Harry Potter or Game Of Thrones, it comes with cloud effects, which looks quite similar to Chinese films. This combination seems exceptionally eye-catching as well as attract players. In terms of graphics, the game actually looks simple but very nostalgic, not following a motif pixel but with the style of the games in the 90s with cute, but not too cheesy.

The number of items to collect in the game is also very diverse, so players are also tough to be bored in completing the assigned tasks. In addition, the detail is also fully shown when inside the house there are always items that make it feel like a typical house, rather than a place just for storing items and go back on the adventure. The effects of these moves are also an excellent point. As for the sound, it is the music that is sometimes full of heroic, occasionally mysterious and can make players feel the extremely excited and more realistic experience in battles.

Many plus points are, so what about the weak point?

The game really does not have too many minus points that are worth discussing. Is it just that there are some players who have too much expectation of a truly striking graphic style while the tones are a bit deep. The creation of the characters is somewhat likeable for an adventure game like “Battleheart Legacy.” But anyway, everyone knows that Mka Mobile – the publisher has done everything in their ability. And of course, they still have plenty of time to be able to upgrade, update, and improve what players want. However, for a publisher not so illustrious, this is clearly an encouraging and commendable thing.

Extremely highly appreciated by those who experience

It is no coincidence that Battleheart Legacy achieved a score of 4.7/5 on the Android operating system. It was indeed an encouragement and not too surprising because the plot, gameplay as well as other essential factors are highly appreciated. Some players commented that despite some specific minus points, Mika Mobile promptly repaired and upgraded it. Therefore, this made them extremely satisfied. And indeed, adventure games have never cooled down in the eyes of gamers, whether they were set in ancient times, modern times or in a fantasy world – they all make players have to fascinate but forget everything. Moreover, with only about 60MB, you can immediately have a game is rated this already.

The game was released on both Android and iOS operating systems, so the experience is straightforward. And with the above reviews, along with being highly appreciated by those who have been experienced, perhaps the download to enjoy is quite apparent. Players do not need to overthink should download or not, because the numbers do not know where to lie! What are you waiting for, enjoy right away!