Game Bistro Heroes

Game Bistro Heroes
Publisher Team Tapas
Genre RPG
Size 110M
Latest Version 3.4.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money/God Mode
Get it On Google Play
OS Games Android

Bistro Heroes is an action-adventure game set in a fantasy world full of mysteries and countless exciting challenges. This game will bring players intense adventures and funny conversations of the characters. Also, it has a lot of surprises for players, and everything is waiting for you during your journey.

Small-sized, light RPG

The gameplay is unique and exciting; the only task of the player in this game is to collect rare materials and create wonderful dishes. Yes, the game is a perfect combination of RPG and Cooking elements, players must continuously fight monsters, dismantle them into ingredients, and process them into delicious meals. Besides, players could build a lovely 2D town to serve the best food in this fantasy world. Its accompanying feature is beautiful when players can just enjoy relaxing moments with the girls or battling. I forgot to say, all the characters in this game are lovely girls with different personalities.

Discover the fictional world with lots of “food”

The player will create for their own a team of 4 adventurers, their class is varied, and the player will guide them through countless battles. Each character will have a unique personality, appearance, and skills, which makes your squad becomes more diverse and flexible. These characters will automatically move and fight, and your only job is to choose the target or use special skills. Each character will have a different number of skills, and if you link them successfully, it will create a powerful combo. Skill used will consume a certain amount of MP and take some time to cool down. Players can change characters to change into other skills and create their battle tactics.

Collect hero clothes to create unique styles

The reward for killing monsters will be gold and food ingredients. Processed materials will be transferred to the restaurant that the player is managing. Yes, players can also build their restaurant and trade-in monster meat. Hire the best chefs and prepare the perfect dishes. Also, players can make some meals with their talent. It is like a cooking game, and you need to cook them according to the recipe. Food can be canned and used as rations for adventurers. You can use them to recover your strength and continue to fight monsters.

Fairytale-like atmosphere and graphics

Players can also build a lovely 2D-style town, everything like the interior and exterior of each house can be decorated or changed. The more adorable the town the player is in, the more people will visit and enjoy the player’s restaurant. Moreover, players can build some functional buildings to serve the adventurers and provide them with the necessary things in the adventure.

“Bistro Heroes” is a game with fascinating gameplay and great features. If players want to enjoy a light-hearted RPG game and enjoy a delicious meal, this game is a perfect choice for them. Join this game to fight, build, and cook with lovely girls.


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