Game Blank City
Publisher FLERO Games Co., LTD
Genre RPG
Size 1.2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.3
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Has anyone ever thought about fighting in a world with absolutely no people? Even right now, even zombie games give people a chance to survive, but not in Blank City. In that dangerous world, everything is impossible to live by the most terrible catastrophe. For a secret reason, the seal was destroyed, and all the demons that were locked up escaped and caused all humans to disappear. Still, there are still some “people” that still exist. They have the power and are considered magicians, can destroy demons.

Blank City is a new game that was just released last week with content based on Korean myths. The manufacturer FLERO is also a bright name of this country in the game industry. You can find a lot of their action games on every popular medium today. Blank City RPG is also one of the juniors they just created, hoping to become the company’s icon in 2019.

Defeat the demons to protect the world!

The game does not allow you to instantly turn into a powerful hero with all the tools in hand to fight demons and win. That is like a ridiculous myth. So your journey will have a lot of obstacles to achieve the achievements you expect. However, we also get the right help when we are a newbie. The system will assign beautiful girls, also guardians, to guide players on how to operate Blank City. Also, they will help in some challenging battles. In general, you will have companions on the path to destroy evil, protect the world.

Collect high-quality characters

Blank City is a standard role-playing game born from a leading Korean game maker. With charming and exciting character shaping, the battles will be attractive. Not only characters with eye-catching looks but also body movements during combat, the moves are also beautifully portrayed through full 3D graphics. In addition to the battle, they will have a variety of weapons and powers to increase. The three most popular and influential equipment types are Blades, Pistols, and Gauntlets, which are always ready for you to increase damage to tough opponents. Besides, a diverse character system is also provided so you can change depending on different circumstances. They are all decentralized so that players can easily choose because characters with higher levels will cause more damage and stamina.

In general, the game has integrated all the game modes that are most popular today. Stage mode will still be the main purpose of players when they have to overcome challenges in the written storyline. This mode will go from easy to severe, so it is very suitable for training skills and increasing strength. After you’ve accumulated enough power, don’t be afraid to start Challenge Mode to earn additional rewards. PvP mode is still the most awaited thing when you will have to show all your advantages to defeat online players.