Game Bud Farm: 420
Publisher LDRLY Games
Genre Simulation
Size 70MB
Latest Version 1.8.2
MOD Info Currency/XP
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Update December 4, 2019 (1 year ago)

When it comes to farm games, many of you will think of it right away Currently popular titles like Hay Day from Super Cell, Foranj product – Farm Town, or Farm Frenzy Free. You will be involved in a real farmer’s experience, raising livestock and growing crops for economic development. But in Bud Farm: 420, instead of becoming an actual farmer, you will become a tycoon, trading cannabis varieties to get rich. In particular, how about this story, we find out in the next section.


In one planet, marijuana is one of the essential things in every family. Marijuana here is not only known as a drug that makes the human mind more relaxed, but also a medicine that helps them eliminate a strange disease. Pharmaceutical manufacturers need a large amount of marijuana to experiment with and take some of their unique ingredients to prepare the drug. But it seems there are very few cannabis growing facilities here because this plant needs to grow in an environment of special care.

Light-hearted weed farming simulation intended

Join Bud Farm: 420, you will become a marijuana tycoon. Your task is to grow these cannabis plants, and grow your small garden into the world’s largest drug supply base. Initially, your garden is quite small, and you can only plant certain trees. Use the money that the game offers you, visit the store and buy some seedlings under the guidance of the mission system, then plant them. After a while, the tree will be big, productive and you will have more money.

When you have more money, you need to think of more solutions to grow your farming scale even more. Use the money to buy new land lots, buy more plants, buy machines, weather equipment, heating, etc. to take care of the plants. These plants are often quite difficult to live; they often need music, and appropriate watering and lighting regimes. Bud Farm has a variety of practical marijuana types: Thomas King Forcade, Sour Diesel, Grand Daddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies, etc. You can also make your new varieties in the lab. Select parent breeds, and transplant their genes to produce more productive cannabis varieties. Bud Farm: 420 to an idle game, about the new farm theme released by Lunaweedy. This game has a lot of fun, with gameplay and some pretty exciting features, so in the future, it can get more support from gamers.

MOD Info

1. Mod Menu
2. The currency increases instead of decreasing
3. Change XP for every order
4. Change coins for every order
Note: If you get an error when you get the rewards, use lower values for coins and experience
Note 2: There’s a ban chance by using this mod. If you’re stuck at when the game is loading, there are good chances you’ve been banned.