Game Captain Tsubasa Zero

Game Captain Tsubasa Zero
Publisher GMO GP
Genre Sports
Size 84MB
Latest Version 2.2.7
MOD Info Weak Enemies/High Player
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Files March 10, 2021 (3 days ago)

Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot – Is your childhood associated with Japanese manga comics? Doraemon, Conan, Naruto or Captain Tsubasa is a piece of your childhood memories. To me, the passion of football derives from that boy, the teenage football team, who have been endlessly fascinated since childhood until now. April 3 in Japan will again mark a big event for me; Captain Tsubasa will be releasing a new TV anime. At the same time, the game’s direct inspiration from it also opens up the pre-registration portal to add more prominent effects to game and soccer fans around the world. A game that launches and meets the needs of three objects: game fans, anime enthusiasts Captain Tsubasa and football enthusiasts. This is a good sign for the manufacturer. HcXGSWF3O6_uLecKSW9k7Vr57RdFHVFYcXr4OWRlmU5MIEcKss03qS0VmSEDhiAMR4Y=w1000 (1000×562) In October last year, we were delighted to receive KLap’s sports game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. It has created a fever for a long time. Currently, the game has reached 1 million downloads and over 10000 plays per day. That proves, Tsubasa’s captain’s charm is never reduced. Today we will continue to receive a new game called Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot. However, this time the person behind the game is LINE – a big man in the mobile game development from Korea. M4o781QDObCYqzJggyZlY2lvipjj2-eNVxNkYbaQTg924C6AM9CVmOv8TYpzAzzD9uo=w1000 (1000×562)

Football and more…

The game, titled Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot is a real-time soccer strategy game that tells the story of the protagonist Tsubasa and the others growing up. Obviously, the game will be the journey of the protagonist Tsubasa and his teammates during the time attached to football, the emotions happy, sad, the fiery competition fire. And most importantly, they grow up together, succeeding on the football path. Players will play the captain talent, participate in the game in real time. At present, the game has not been announced so much in detail as to make sure that characters, all of the scenes from small to large are designed in the sharp 3D format that can be easily observed from multiple directions. You need a broad vision and flexible hands to manipulate players faster than opponents. 8eUEG4HwQjZljIoeeMsbbQ8iMvZZpXxtlJMoRgMVwaB8bppbgswJFahbKYzVsCyUfbQx=w1000 (1000×562)

Explore the plot through gameplay

There are many modes of play that you can explore such as “Match mode” is an automatic mode so you can track the team that you build up against the opponent. All the special moves that the player possesses will be shown in the best way so that you can study and practice accordingly. The “Main Scenario Mode” is like a storyteller, it helps the player understand the plot in the anime, with the adult character. There will be sub-scenarios in the middle of the screen to tell you as many stories about Tsubasa as possible. This is also a way for people who have not played anime yet to watch the series. iZcrKcPpUv3hHx09Luue7CPe2za4nXE4G3WA2C_d8UoNmRvWCIIs3aCsgIEwttuodZJG=w1000 (1000×562) If you are interested in the latest updates of the game, then be sure to follow our site regularly or pre-register by following the game’s official account LINE account or official. Captain Tsubasa Zero is built and released on both the iOS and Android platforms, so you can rest assured that you can play on most smart devices today. This is a ticket for you to return to childhood as well as satisfy the passion for football. Have fun with this blockbuster.


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