Game Carrier Landings Pro

Game Carrier Landings Pro
Publisher RORTOS
Genre Simulation
Size 240M
Latest Version 4.3.4
MOD Info All Unlocked
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Update October 19, 2020 (5 months ago)

Becoming a pilot to fly giant airplanes flying in the sky has always been a great dream of all of us. But not everyone can fulfill their desire to conquer the sky. Then let the game maker RORTOS help you achieve this wish with the game called Carrier Landings Pro. All the toughest challenges you can face your plane will be brought to you coming to this game. Now, all the courage, along with your ability and ability to pilot, will be clearly revealed. Besides, the game also possesses many other interesting features related to aircraft. What are you waiting for without quickly installing the game!

Carrier Landings Pro

The special challenge system

One of the first things to mention when it comes to this game will definitely be the mission system. Sometimes players who come to this game will feel a great deal of boredom. But for Carrier Landings Pro, it is the opposite. Players who experience this game will quickly be attracted from the first login by the special challenge system. Game publishers have had to research extremely carefully to launch a campaign game with 6 training missions and 30 practical missions in 5 different terrains. The types of dangerous terrain that the game will bring to their players will include Islands, Arcs, Volcano, Canyon, Arctic….

Carrier Landings Pro

They will be an excellent platform for you to adventure. Plane to strange lands with more than 90 new challenges awaits. These challenges have also been divided by the game, arranged in a precise order from easy to difficult for their players to conquer. Now let’s see who a talented pilot can overcome the tough challenges!

Bringing the world of pilots through the phone screen

In addition to owning a massive mission system, the game is confident about the game technology they are using. One of the player’s basic needs when it comes to flying simulator games will certainly be authenticity. Players are looking for a realistic game to feel themselves flying an airplane, and Carrier Landings Pro does. The game possesses a special copyrighted reality experience technology about flying a drone. Thereby, players will not only be playing the game, but they will also feel a separate world of pilots. These are activities such as preparing to climb the cockpit to specialized jobs. Once players start, the plane is also when they feel the most interesting things on a journey.

Carrier Landings Pro

Interesting game features

What are the other special interesting features that promise to attract players to Carrier Landings Pro? The first thing we must mention is definitely the variety of aircraft that the game allows using. They will all be famous military aircraft such as F / A-18 Super Hornet, F-14 Super Tomcat, C-2A Greyhound, AV-8B Harrier II, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F35B Lightning II, MiG -29K Fulcrum, A-7 Corsair II, … And if you are an enthusiast of the aforementioned aircraft, you will recognize two different types of AV-8B Harrier II, F35B Lightning II because of them will take off and land vertically. Also worth noting for flights is the weather. The game has added extreme weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and thunder to make flights more realistic. What’s more, you also need to pay attention to the actual fuel consumption of your aircraft!

Carrier Landings Pro

Graphics and viewing angles also play an important role

Especially to create a realistic flying game, the game also pays attention to the player’s observations. Therefore, the game has owned a Full HD graphics quality with real-world 3D technology to bring the best experience with outstanding graphics quality that shows the realism of the terrain, weather, and excellent visibility while flying. Along with the graphics, the other viewing angles also play a crucial role in flights.

Carrier Landings Pro

When flying, 6 different camera angles are brought to you. As a result, your flight’s quality will probably increase, and you will also have the flexibility to handle dangerous situations. Quickly install and experience a perfect flying game!

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