Game Champion of the Field (COF)

Game Champion of the Field (COF)
Publisher NetEase
Genre Sports
Size 550MB
Latest Version 0.100.1
Get it On Google Play
Update July 25, 2020 (8 months ago)

Champion of the Field – Even though the game genre is born and die, sports games remain in the timeless market. Its appeal is unquestionable. In real life, subjects such as baseball, basketball, racing, … have never been hot and visible, The King of Sports – Football forever immortal. Enjoyed such a favor, although there are many high-end football games to release each other but still have the studio to launch new games to satisfy many segments of users. We can see that there are many types of mobile devices with different configurations so high-end graphics games like FIFA 19 cannot work smoothly.

Champion of the Field is a new product launched for the midrange mobile device segment. This means that devices from 2016 and below can also be used comfortably. But you are also assured of its quality as it is released by Netease. You must know the famous game publisher from China with a lot of titles to eat but achieve success as inferior to the original.

Football PvP games come from Netease

Basically, it’s a familiar role-playing game, but the graphics and operating mechanisms are optimized to play on a midrange mobile device. Players will quickly feel why this game has received so much attention from the gaming community so. Talking about the character design, it almost conveyed the most outstanding features of real football players. You can instantly recognize Neymar, CR or Messi, and many other famous players. Their only weakness is that these players do not have as many emotional expressions as the top games. It’s pretty easy to understand because it’s optimized for midrange devices, so much of the stuff is almost gone. In short, removing the heavy and advanced details and still getting a full 3D game is so blatantly overpriced.

Besides, players can control their players through a standard Analog stick with a set of four action control buttons. Players can quickly pass the ball, accelerate, pass, … The key can also be customized on a case-by-case basis rather than the function is locked in four buttons.

Sum up

Champion of the Field’s diverse player base is as diverse as all the other genres. All the players in the world are designed and included in the game data. Also, they are divided by skill level through the star system. Save your money and buy big star players so they can bring in good wins.

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