Game Chess Rush

Game Chess Rush
Publisher Tencent Games
Genre Strategy
Size 100MB
Latest Version 1.10.565
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Update August 14, 2020 (7 months ago)

Auto chess is currently one of the modes that players worldwide most sought after. Even though it has many different versions of many popular character systems. As long as the publishers offer a game that uses this kind of gameplay, they will surely get the attention of many gamers around the world. Although the publisher of Dota and League of Legends is who the grandfather holds the highest priority in the players at this time, many other publishers continue to race against the times. If you don’t know, Tencent is a League of Legends owner, meaning “Teamfight Tactics” belongs to them. However, this Chinese game publisher always wanted to try it himself, not wanting to rely on any third party product. Chess Rush is their own auto chess product.

With the information that has been leaked for a long time, “Chess Rush” has finally made a big debut on July 3, 2019. If you are still slow but haven’t tested, immediately Download the game via our link and show your talents. For the first experience of gamers, they think that this is a product that is invested too carefully and has enough strength to compete with all the games that eat in the same category. The 3D graphics it uses are optimized to play on all popular phone operating systems today. With diverse heroes system, the game attracts players thanks to its tactical customization. Its gameplay also has some differences in the design skills and rhythm of the characters.

10-minute Matches

Basically, it is called a strategy auto-battler game, a strategy game based on an automatic battle mechanism. Players will have to build for themselves an army of characters that bring themselves different kinds of power. When the battle begins, these characters will rush into and fight with each other to use everything they have. Characters will maximize their potential, but players must also be smart in arranging a squad. For example, if an actor plays the role of a gunner, they will have to be protected and stand away from the fighting to be able to deal damage without being disturbed.

In contrast, gladiators need to be arranged in the front so that they can rush to act as a shield for the backline, and receive a mission to harass the enemy’s primary damage. This basic knowledge will gradually be enhanced in the process that you play the game. There is no need to rush and learn everything because tactics in games like this are incredibly complicated. It will be a combination of the three types of gameplay that are currently the most popular, the battle royales, RPGs, and chess.

Obliterate Your Enemies with Strategy

The tactical element of the chess game has been analyzed, and the other two factors also have a tremendous impact on the style of the player. It will be like a role-playing game because the characters you use in battle will continue to be strengthened. Each round will be played with a few heroes from the store. Just three heroes are the same, and they will automatically upgrade that character to a higher level. A 3-star style is maximum power. With eight characters participating in a battle. They split the pair to compete, and each loss will be deducted a specific HP score. The winner will be the last man standing, which is the element of the Battle Royal.


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