Game DC Legends: Battle for Justice

Game DC Legends: Battle for Justice
Publisher Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Genre RPG
Size 62M
Latest Version 1.26.14
MOD Info Damage/Defense
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Update March 6, 2021 (1 week ago)

The superheroes in the DC universe are still the leaders in this genre. They receive the favor of many fans around the world because of their strength. The variety of character designs also gives their fans a lot of content to enjoy. Up until now, related content such as games, figures, posters, … also serves as a big industry. DC Legends: Fight Superheroes is one of the biggest representatives created and released by Warner Bros on multiple platforms. It can be said that besides Injustice: Gods Among Us, this game is the most successful product that takes advantage of the character system of the DC universe.

Action game bold strategy

DC Legends: Fight Superheroes, unlike other superhero games. It attaches more importance to tactics than antagonistic factors. Players have to think a lot before going to the game so as not to be underdogs by their opponents. The skill in this game is extremely important, but it does not contribute much to the final victory. During the match, you may lose a bit. After that, with a good strategy, you can still clutch.

The fighting mechanism of this game is to comply with turn-based rules where everyone has the opportunity to fight back against opponents. After you have thrown all your strength into your opponent then wait for them to fight you back once. The match will end when one side is Wiped out. Usually, matches between two attacking formations end quickly. However, for teams that use defense, the game will last more than a few minutes.

How superheroes fight your opponents

In a battle, you can bring 3 – 5 superheroes to fight them against your opponents. Normally, each of them has their own skill for fighting. In one attack, only one hero is allowed to damage the opponent and of course, the rest will standstill. A lineup is usually going to have a few things to win. The simplest strategy is that you will have to focus on damage and kill that enemy immediately. To do this, you will have to touch that opponent so that the superhero can attack him.

However, in this game, there is a more unique mechanism called an element. This means that one element will oppose the other in a closed circle. If you attack an opponent with elements more than yourself, it will deal bonus damage. On the contrary, if you attack opponents with elements stronger than you, the damage will be reduced. Of course, opponents with the same element as I receive the base damage calculated in the attack. This is a very important influence on the success or failure of a war. For example, if your lineup is stronger but has more units that are countered, you still have the chance to lose. The placement of units that are hit first also has a bit of an impact on the stance. In general, this is a strategy game so it is extremely important that you prepare in advance.

Almost all the most famous characters of DC Comic appeared

Throughout his nearly hundred years of history, the disconnect created many characters. Super Heroes and villains face off against each other to create battles that will delight fans. DC Legends: Fight Superheroes is an affiliate game of Warner Bros so their characters are very complete. Nearly all characters appear in the game. If they have not appeared, then surely will also be updated in the next patch. Currently, there are more than 90 characters for you to collect and use them on the battlefield. Extremely famous people such as Superman Batman, Catwoman, Lex Luthor all appeared and matched with many different lineups. Depending on the purpose of building your squad, you must choose these characters correctly.

As mentioned above, each character possesses a unique skill. That is still not all of a new character as they are also measured by power. Each character has their own stats and when you put them together into a team, these stats will be added together. It will be called team power. Sometimes you have to play against an opponent with a bigger TP, but their character is countered and you still have a chance to win.


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