Game DC Unchained

Game DC Unchained
Publisher FourThirtyThree Inc.
Genre Action
Size 59M
Latest Version 1.2.9
MOD Info Damage/Godmode
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Update September 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

After the launch of 4:33 Creative Lab in August, DC Unchained has become a popular game for many fans, especially DC Comic comic book enthusiasts. This is an action game with nice 3D graphics taking the theme of superhero. Some of the celebrities you can meet in this game include Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash … and so much more. If you are a DC fan, do not miss this great game.

4:33 Creative Lab is well-known Korean mobile game studios, whose games are part of an immersive action genre. Some of the favorite products of 4:33 Creative Lab include Lost Kingdom, Monster Super League, Seven Guardians, and most recently, the exciting online PvP game Battle of Arrow. This time, DC Unchained will be opened on January 10, 1818, in some Asian countries like Thailand, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong … other countries want to download must use an IP of the countries we have listed recently.

Superhero game series based on original comic

As a role-playing game, the publisher also developed the plot of DC Unchained not too complicated. Instead, we will learn about the origins of some of DC Comic’s most celebrated celebrities: Superman, Batman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn and the Joker. Not to stop there, there are more than 30 more characters that the publisher will hide us until the game is officially launched. The player’s task is to set up a superhero team, direct them and use their skills to defeat the evil monsters on the planet, protecting the common home of all of them. is earth.

Full collection of heroes from the DC Universes

DC Unchained does not focus too much on fierce combatant battles, instead, the player must put in tactics and team layout to be safe and able to attack the enemy. Character control is similar to some of the current MOBA games like the Arena of Valor. On the left of the screen and the lever to move the character to every position. On the left and below are the skills and equipment that you can use for your character. Since the game is based on the original comic book, the power of the superhero is unchanged.

So each character has different sets of equipment and skills. You have to pay attention and use exactly. If you do not know the skill of each character, you should learn before joining this game. For the first time in a mobile game, Gotham City will now be portraying the darkest. Where criminals all over the place, gangs of black society raced up and tormented the honest people. Play as a superhero with special powers; you know what your mission is?

Great 3D graphics

Most of the Korean mobile games have an excellent graphics quality, and of course DC Unchained is no exception when it comes to 3D graphics, and the characters have back into childhood. Of many people. The characterization of DC Unchained is excellent; the superheroes are drawn precisely the same with the comic without change, even the weapons they use are also retained. Instead, the manufacturer makes the character more polished and visually appealing.

DC Unchained is currently open for testing in certain countries, if you are not located in those countries, please download our APK file to experience this game right away. The cut style used to cut the role has been old but a story in depth with a terrible array of characters. DC Unchained promises to boom at the mobile game charts.

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