Game Dead Island: Survivors

Game Dead Island: Survivors
Publisher Deep Silver
Genre Action
Size 550MB
Latest Version 1.0
MOD Info godmode/1hit
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

Game survival is the hottest title in the online community when the game is pushed to the level of horrible and cruel. Most of the heroes’ opponents are still monsters, but the most famous villains are the zombies. With the proper properties for a game to become more complicated when the player needs to strike accurately in the weak, and the number of zombies will make the player struggled against. Things will get much more complicated when faced with thousands of zombies in a small island. Besides, you also have human companionship. Do not let them get infected.


Deep Silver has many games launched on Android and iOS. Their products are invested in image research. Galactic galaxies, medieval stories, or puzzle games all have quality products from Deep Silver. Dead Island: Survivors will be their first product to learn about the zombie theme.

Surely this will be an extremely stressful game when you have to confront the zombies on a small island. Some survival games will focus more on building strongholds and protecting the survivors. Dead Island: Survivors are more focused on fighting, not tactics. Players are also comfortable role-playing heroes favorite and rushed to the zombie to express their strength.

Collect iconic heroes to face the zombies!

However, you will be provided with a relatively small camp located on the island. Then build on it to become bigger and bigger to accommodate more people. When the base is large and can summon a large number of heroes, you are allowed to go to the battlefield and face zombies.

Thanks to the third-person 3D graphics, the game has allowed you to fight as a hero who can watch the game. This will ensure you see the number of zombies surrounding you and also see the skills that they release. This is a far more fierce battlefield when your opponents are large enough to infect but also can deliver acid or move extremely fast. Do not worry because you are also equipped with specialized skills. Each hero will have unique power features that combine weapons and equipment to increase survivability.

Explore & free beautiful, hand-made islands!

Dead Island: Survivors MOD create an incredibly complex, beautiful and smooth image that will give players intense fictional battles such as in a Hollywood movie. So it’s only been a few days since its release, which has hit more than 500,000 downloads on the most popular gaming platforms.

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