Game Dragon City

Game Dragon City
Publisher Social Point
Genre Simulation
Size 132M
Latest Version 11.5.0
MOD Info One Hit
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OS Android Games

If you become one who has been using Facebook for a long time, you will never forget the game Dragon City. At that time, everyone participated in this game because of the entertainment and convenience it brought. Players do not need to download the game to play it, but can still play right on the browser. The game does not take too much time to play, players can launch 2 tabs so you can just play the game while surfing Facebook. At that time, there were many people playing this game on the social networking platform Facebook. To continue the success of this game, in 2013 and 2014 the manufacturer of the game in turn released on two mobile platforms, iOS, and Android. As expected of the manufacturer, right after launching, the game has received a lot of attention from the large community of players. The game is produced by Social Point, this is a manufacturer specializing in producing games on the social networking platform Facebook.

This is a strategy game, but it is combined with construction and breeding. You can create yourself a kingdom of powerful dragons to be able to win everything and climb to the top. If you don’t have time to sit all day on your computer to take care of your dragons, download “Dragon City Mobile” now. With the Mobile version of the game, you can play the game anytime, anywhere.


Come to the game, you will become a breeder and train dragons to be able to fight other players. The place for you to raise is a flying island because dragons are the only animals in myth and one characteristic that most dragons will have is fly. They are considered hiding behind clouds and manipulating weather elements. You will be the one who domesticated and raised them. A mysterious world, hidden from human sight. You are ready to become a talented dragon trainer and win everything to assert yourself.


The game belongs to the genre of strategy, but it is combined with breeding factors to make more diversity in the gameplay of the game. When it comes to raising animals, the majority of players will think of farm games with pets here as pigs, cows, chickens … But this is the uniqueness of the game, animals for players to herd Breeding is the dragon, the divine race. There will be countless dragons with many different attributes to choose from. The game has a fighting mechanism where you will select 3 of the dragons that you have in your collection to participate in the match. Each dragon can have one attribute or many different attributes depending on their level. Another feature of combat is the difference between the systems, for example, the dragons with the Water attribute will counteract the dragons with the Fire element. Choose a suitable squad to counter the opponent’s dragons.

The more attributes a dragon has, the stronger it will be because the more combinations the more skills it has. Dragon farming is not easy at all, each dragon has a different characteristic so also eating and birth or different. Fire-element dragons will live in hot environments like volcanoes, water-attribute dragons will live in a lake. So you need to learn about their features before raising to avoid the case of not having appropriate living conditions. There will be two ways to get a dragon is to use gold to buy them in the store or to breed between existing dragons to create eggs and hatch eggs. The second method is usually more popular because we can create the next generation with the characteristics of both parents.


Dragon City is the creative team that comes with many great features and promises to give players a great experience


The number of dragons in the game amounted to more than 1,000 dragons belonging to 8 different attributes for players to freely create and choose. These eight attributes include Electric Dragon, Fire Dragon, Water Dragon, Plant Dragon, Earth Dragon, Ice Dragon, Metal Dragon, and Dark Dragon. An interesting feature of the game is breeding, you can let other dragons mate with each other to create the next generation with both the properties of the father and mother. This is a unique feature that only this game has. Players can delight in creating more and more powerful dragons to have a chance to win higher. Every week, there will be a new Events to increase the number of dragons in the game. So the number of dragons increasing in the game for players to be more and more creative.


Don’t think that a dragon will not have an outfit, maybe it will be right somewhere but for this game, it is not. Sometimes there will be big events for the game and in that event, besides the new dragons, there will be skins for dragons as well. To decorate the dragons so beautifully and eye-catching.


To be able to play the game, the player needs to have the Internet, but if it is an Online game, it means that there will be an interaction between players. You can fight with other players through PvP mode. You can also make friends and chat with other players, can even take care of plants to help them while they are not present. People can also exchange items or give gifts to each other. There will be a ranking among players and they can also challenge each other to compete for the top spot.


In the game, there will be many different quests created by the creative team for people to explore. These quests will come with stories about different dragons, come and experience it now.


Having a colorful 3D graphic format, players will be attracted from the first time they come to the game. The context of the game is a mysterious and pouring world, players will feel like being involved in a mysterious and interesting fairy tale. The dragons in the game are designed in Chibi style, looking very lovely but not as great as the dragons in movies. Each dragon will have different colors depending on their properties. Eg, fire-dragon is red or elemental dragons of water will be blue …


performance of the game was done extremely perfect, though adapted from the PC the effects of the game such as the effect of using skill … are also slightly removed. It all looks very similar to the PC version we have played before. The sound of the game is also maintained, such as the sound when dragons use their skills, their roar … is between the intact and very carefully integrated. So do you want to be a talented dragon trainer? Download Dragon City now to own your own dragon collection.


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