Game Dragon Land

Game Dragon Land
Publisher Social Point
Genre Adventure
Size 58M
Latest Version 3.2.4
MOD Info Coins/Gems/Lives
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Update May 21, 2019 (2 years ago)

Dragon is one of the varieties The fascinating species in the history of human creation. They are just a fantastic product, but they have an unbelievable, sharp, and charming image. Dragon Land is a famous game of Social Point, well known. It is a place where this ancient image of the ultimate creature is almost completely changed. If the dragon was previously aggressive and has a strong appearance, in the game, they have more cute and funny features. Also, the creation and diversification of these games make them more and more evolved in the human imagination.

Play over 100 levels full of rewards and items to find!

Dragon Land in terms of commerce, it is a follow-up product of Dragon City. This product absorbed almost the essence of his brother 100 million downloads. It is this that makes it attractive to players because the fans of the previous game were also pulled to test. Moreover, with the capacity of only half of the previous ones, it is also considered a Lite version for players to satisfy temporarily. Overall, the game has also gained a lot of praise from the international community.


Although considered a descendant of Dragon City, it does not follow the old way. More precisely, “Dragon Land” follows the gameplay of an action role-playing game with the main characters as dragons, designed in a fun chibi style. As stated by the game publisher, it is a brand new 3D platform game. Players will participate in exciting and funny matches with amazing scenes set up as backdrops, arcade actions, and awesome dragons.

The adventure “Dragon Land” brings is really interesting as it will allow you to fight on a platformer-like game system. But the gameplay has improved a lot compared to traditional Mario play. First, with full 3D graphics, it will expand the perspective, increase the experience, and interact with the environment. But instead of using side-scrolling, it works in a 3rd-person role-playing game. You will move forward in front of obstacles that appear along the vertical line, not expanding comfortably horizontal. You will run on a predetermined path, battle with the challenges set, and end when you reach the finish line.

Collect hundreds of dragons and start your adventure!

If you look a little bit, you will see how “Dragon Land” works and challenging arrangements are very similar to Mario. That means on the way you move there will be wooden barrels containing bonuses. You will jump, touch, and barrel to break it and give you a small advantage, or sometimes a little gold. Monsters on the road were not defeated by fire or shot beams. You have to jump up and step on their heads. The mechanism to defeat monsters will be a bit different but basically the same. You will have to fight and go through 100 levels designed beautifully and thoroughly. The challenge will be different; for example, the secret levels will be opened by finding keys to unlock these extra-tough, extra-rewarding areas.

You will be able to use and unlock many different dragon species. With the experience of diverse species design in the previous game, the number of species in “Dragon Land” is very much. You will collect them and participate in battles to raise the level after each fight is complete. Also, they can be upgraded in stores.

MOD Info

Infinite Coins
Infinite Gems
Infinite Lives

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