Game Dream Town Story

Game Dream Town Story
Publisher Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
Genre Simulation
Size 57M
Latest Version 1.6.6
MOD Info Unlimited Gems
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Update May 7, 2019 (2 years ago)

Dream Town Story is a new simulation game recently released by Kairosoft. If you do not know who they are, we would like to add some interesting information to you. Kairosoft is a mobile gaming and gaming company from Japan. Their featured products are interesting and appealing simulation games. In particular, this publisher does not follow the trend of the times; they still keep the classic 8bit graphics platform for their products.

Some popular games have been released by Kairosoft which are Hot Springs Story, Shiny Ski Resort, Game Dev Story … Dream Town Story is their latest release which was released on December 14th. As the older guys get older, the game gets a lot of love from the players, a game that will bring anyone back to childhood and probably make them addicted to it.

Simple, attractive

Nowadays, MOBA games are very developed; players will role-play and participate in jubilant battles. To find a lightweight but attractive entertainment is difficult. Dream Town Story is a good example of that style. A no-brainer, no-gun game, in Dream Town Story players will be immersed in a colourful world with the task of building a small town into a large downtown. Famous worldwide.

A miniature version of The Sims

If you have ever played the popular game SimCity, it will certainly be easy to familiarize yourself with Dream Town Story APK. Join the game you will be portrayed as a wise mayor; your task is to manage your little town. However, the mayor’s dream is to grow the city as large as possible, so you are the one to help him. First of all, the player must plan the land to build houses and shops, but you should not plan for it because your beautiful city still needs land for the farmer to grow.

You will also have to convince people to move to your town as much as possible. All the people in this town are hardworking citizens; they are people who have a happy life and have many dreams. There are guys who only like to grow livestock; there are girls who just love to be managers or office workers. In general, everyone in the game has a dream and a job for themselves. As long as they do the job they love, they will be happy and want to live in your town.

Compete with other towns

Another feature that allows you to spend more time with this game. It is competing with other towns. Who would not want to have more populated towns, people living happier? So, do everything to make your town an ideal place to attract people.


If you’re tired of 3D graphics simulator games, this is the game you need. Featuring a classic 8-bit graphics platform, the game retains its form. All the best features of The Sims or Home Street are included in this game. The sound in the game is just old MIDI tracks, but it does not make you feel depressed. Can say, this is the shortcut to get you back to the 8-bit childhood games. I think Japanese games are so cute and so attractive.

Sum up

As I said before, you do not necessarily focus on building, first how to make people in your town happy. Build a healthy ecosystem and bring joy to people first. Although the game has only simple 8-bit graphics, the gameplay of Dream Town Story is addictive and addictive. If you are a fan of simulation games or simply want to be a manager, try downloading and experiencing this game. A dream city is waiting for you.

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