Publisher Broken Rules Interactive Media GmbH
Genre Casual
Size 180M
Latest Version 1.1.0
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

ELOH – Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Basically, music is the usual sound of life that harmonizes with a certain rhythm. That makes people feel relaxed so they want to enjoy it when they are free. Thus, throughout the history of its formation and development, music always expresses the cultural values of the human spirit.

Let the rhythm fill your soul

Nowadays, music genres have been very popular and have branches for all ages. But what is the music of the dark man? Historical music studies are so dry that Broken Rules Interactive Media GmbH has come up with an idea. ELOH is a game where they get ideas from the rawest music material. The background of the game is a tribal music and it seems that these tunes hide their power. You have to find ways to get those sounds to its most pristine place to launch the power of this people.


Players will be introduced to an ancient race that seems to have disappeared in this world. But in the game, these people will be portrayed in their own rituals. There, when music is their strength, the player will have to help those who lead the way of music to the source.

ELOH is a typical puzzle game with a fairly straightforward mechanism of operation because it applies the principle of reflecting light. When a player participates in an official match, the screen will be flat, but there will be fixed blocks and giant masks. When the sound moves it will flush the obstructions and pop out with the principle of reflecting light.

The floor will have the sound source of speakers, the number of them depending on the level you are participating in. There will also be round gates, where all the sounds will have to be gathered together so the player can win the game. But the speaker will challenge the player by playing the sound in multiple directions, and the player will have to move the masked person as a block to make the sound go in the direction he wants. Finally, how to make the sound ray to the port of the game can end.


ELOH are designed with vibrant colors and light images. This makes the player feel comfortable with his game. Their experience is even better as the sound system improves upon each update. The visual effect that coincides with the sound generated when playing the game also makes the children have a better musical knowledge.