Game Final Fighter

Game Final Fighter
Publisher Ruby Peng
Genre Fighting
Size 565MB
Latest Version 0.32.4
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OS Android Games

If you are looking for a typical action role-playing game, you can look for the name of the Mortal Kombat series, or more recently, DC’s Injustice is also of interest to many. These games have been successful around the world with millions of fans and downloads continue to grow year after year. Their new releases are constantly being released and still receive the warm support of fans all over the world. Based on that success, many game makers, even though they are new to the market, are also trying to make their own copy of the franchise’s previous successes.

Ruby Peng’s Final Fighter is a brand new game that was released this week. But if you just watch the trailer or try to play it in a few minutes, feel like this is a game almost exactly like Mortal Kombat. The distinguishing feature of this game compared to well-known brands is their character and skill system. The image of fighters designed in a free and somewhat aggressive style depicts the appearance of the illegal ring fighters

In addition, these gladiators have a new blend of modern machinery parts that are mounted on the back, arms, and weapons. Experience a game that combines the elements of classic and modern players will make you extremely excited.

Choose a hero and be ready to fight

Futuristic Soldiers, Yo-yo Girls, Sports Stars, Cyborg Warriors, and Rappers … along with more than 10 other characters, turns Final Fighter into a chaotic and unlicensed battle. Each character will have different strengths and weaknesses based on their available skill system. About 3 main skills and an optional secondary skill can be multiple-use skills such as healing or creating armor. Besides, you will control them to move on the horizontal map using the multi-directional joystick.

This is a very fast-paced game that requires you to have the speed control of the movement direction and combine the skills into the smoother combos. The key to victory is to dodge damage from enemies and use your chain of skills most effectively to deal more damage to your opponent.


Both the gameplay and the controls of the Final Fighter also remind players of the old action games are played on the arcade. But that does not mean the graphics of the game is old. In contrast, the designer has given the game the latest technology, so if you play the game will be able to see that it is just like a game console. You can also use the money to upgrade equipment for the character. Machine arms can shoot laser beams, or swords can be upgraded depending on the attribute. The look of the character is customized to your maximum.

MOD: Full version

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