Game Flight Simulator Advanced

Game Flight Simulator Advanced
Publisher Panagiotis Drakopoulos
Genre Simulation
Size 225M
Latest Version 2.0.2
MOD Info Unlocked
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Update January 17, 2021 (2 months ago)

Being a pilot is a challenging job. Because to be eligible to be a pilot, you have to go through a lot of different exams. In addition, your body must achieve perfect health in order to serve in this industry. Therefore, many people who dream of becoming a pilot are unable to fulfill it. However, simulation technology is growing, making everything a lot easier. You can test the work of one through Flight Simulator Advanced. This is one of the latest games that have just been released on Google Play with the theme of flying an airplane. Basically, it is not too different from other games of the same genre. But what makes it so appealing is its graphics and authenticity.

Beautiful graphics, detailed design and vivid

Flight Simulator Advanced (MOD, Unlocked)

The success of a game at the present time is almost determined by its graphics. For games developed in the direction of simulation, the pictures are even more important. The first time you look at the trailer of this game, you will be surprised at its detail. There are planes that are used white as the dominant color and details that show the airline are well designed. Players can quickly realize which model aircraft they are using, which airline to serve? In general, the impression of the appearance design will make you want to try it immediately.

Flight Simulator Advanced (MOD, Unlocked)

Interact with cockpit buttons, switches and levers

When you start playing games seriously, continue to encounter another surprise. The game’s cockpit is fully amazingly shown. If you’ve ever seen how pilots launch an airplane on film, it’s actually a lot more complicated. “Flight Simulator Advanced” adapted almost exactly the steps you need to start an airplane. Depending on the model you use, it may have some changes. The more modern the plane is, the harder it is to control. However, it is a challenge worth your attention.

Flight Simulator Advanced (MOD, Unlocked)

After passing a few initial steps to enter a long flight, players will quickly recognize the surrounding design. For a flight, you will have to go through many different lands. Each region is designed to be as attractive as possible and create the most authentic feeling for players. Have you ever rushed into a storm, and the feeling of thunder was continually erupting in the sky? Or sometimes you fly over the highest mountain in the world and feel the cold. Everything will be presented in “Flight Simulator Advanced” perfectly. Besides, players should pay attention to the obstacles that appear in the game. They are designed to be true and work precisely like the laws of physics you already know. If you are not careful, you will have to head into the ravines and lose. Sometimes when you fly too high into the sky, you should pay attention to the clouds. They can be obstacles that endanger your vision.

The game contains many attractive modes for you to practice flying

Flight Simulator Advanced (MOD, Unlocked)

The first mode, as well as the simplest mode, is the tutorial. This is where you will get used to the first movements in the control of the aircraft. Players will use the image cockpit with the simplest settings. This allows you to become familiar with interactions. If you ignore this mode, it will not affect too much gameplay. However, you will have to spend a lot of time struggling to tame how to control a plane.

Flight Simulator Advanced (MOD, Unlocked)

Landing Challenge is a unique game mode that allows you to fly your plane and find a perfect way to land. After a period of flying in the sky, you must also learn how to land in the most accurate way. This is the last but essential step. If you land unsuccessfully, all your efforts will be erased. Free fly is a simple game mode for those who do not want to challenge themselves. With this mode, players can freely fly their aircraft around the world. Let yourself be entertained and see the beauty of the world through the truest designs. Have you ever flown through Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Athens, …? If not, this is exactly the perfect opportunity for you to visit the lands you’ve never been to. The next versions of this game will update new places for you to explore. Learning a new land under a new perspective will also give you unique experiences.


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