Game Flip This House

Game Flip This House
Publisher Ten Square Games
Genre Puzzle
Size 98M
Latest Version 1.111
MOD Info Unlimited Heart/Moves
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Update October 14, 2020 (5 months ago)

A house is a place for them to return to rest after work or study stress. Anyone who goes anywhere will have a nostalgia, which is homesickness, remember the familiar things that he had grown up there. So the house is what plays a significant role in the life of every human being, not only to live but also to remember. But for it to be necessary, it must first be something essential and meaningful to a person. So who is it that makes the house more meaningful? That’s the interior designers; that’s their job. Home designers only have one job, which is to design the best house to make it an important part of every person’s life. This job is a lot of people choose to do, so is it you or not? This is a challenging job to do because talent alone is not enough; you need to try to practice. If players do not want to spend a lot of time but still become a designer, then come to the game Flip This House: 3D Home Design Games.

Flip This House (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Moves)

Adapted from the TV program

This game is a game inspired by a television program in the United States to turn it into a game itself. This is a program that is appreciated by many viewers and has many options for entertainment. In this program, they will buy houses refurbished to sell them to new customers. The program was first broadcast in 2005 and ended in 2009, and many people chose to watch it. This game is also made in the same manner, and the player himself will become a designer participating in the program. This is what this game can take care of so that players can experience it. You are not only a designer but also a participant in a real program.

Flip This House (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Moves)

Buying houses and renovating them

What players need to do when coming to the game is to buy houses and renovate them into a perfect place to stay. When players buy them, they are just a shabby house or a bit old and not suitable for living. So if the player wants to sell them, the player needs to fix them to make them newer to sell them. But first of all, players need to have money to be able to buy the necessary things to decorate the house. Players do not need to worry about that because the game will initially give players some money so you can work. Players will use that money to start work and earn more money to do more things. For example, when players start the game, they only have enough money to buy small apartments, but when there is a lot of money, players can buy the whole villa. Then, the player can earn more profit to make bigger fills.

Flip This House (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Moves)

Diverse models for players to choose

When players repair a house, there are many things that players need to do to renovate them into something new. In it, there are many things that players need to replace and refresh to be able to use. Things like the living room’s sofa, table, TV, or stove, dining tables, and many other things in the kitchen to make them more refreshing. Players can then sell them for a higher price to make a profit. Everything that players want to replace, there are many different styles for players to choose. Players need to decide what suits the house, paint colors, designs, and many other things to be able to create the perfect home. Each has three different styles for players to choose, and their prices are not the same. So players need to consider carefully before deciding to be able to make the most profit possible.

Flip This House (MOD, Unlimited Heart/Moves)

Play a match-3 game

When the player wants to do something, the player needs to complete a match-3 minigame to end the game. The rules are not too complicated for players to get used to because it is built in the traditional style. Players need to move the blocks in the game so that they form a vertical or horizontal row of three identical blocks; when done, they will automatically explode. But the player needs to reach the number of blocks the game requires to complete that stage. On the screen, there are many different types of blocks; players need to destroy the blocks needed for the game to be able to complete the game. But the player must meet that requirement in limited turns to be counted as having completed the game. If the number of times the player cannot reach the limit is exceeded, the player loses.


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