Game Game Studio Creator

Game Game Studio Creator
Genre Simulation
Size 54M
Latest Version 1.0.60
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Bitcoins
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OS Games Android

Everyone likes to play games because it represents a form of entertainment. When people play games, surely it is when they are resting. However, have you ever thought about the process of making a game and running it? Actually, this is also extremely hard work.

Game Studio Creator – Build your own internet cafe “is a journey where you become the manager of a studio. The toughest things will often come to you. Players will have to run an internet cafe and do it become an indispensable destination for gamers

Cute and simple graphics

One of the biggest pluses of this game is that it uses a very simple type of graphics. On your screen are just colored blocks designed in shape. Games like these are really suitable for kids and give them a new perspective on the world. Coffee in general, and the combination of internet cafe in particular.

Managing an office, serving internet usage

The gameplay of this gene requires a few management skills. You will become the boss and run an integrated gaming room. This place will provide people with various Internet-related services. First, you must provide your customers with the fastest possible access speed. Besides, a lot of gears have to be equipped with the highest quality. Finally, you have to do other services such as serving drinks, coffee, food, …

Create a convenient place where gamers can see it as their home

Game Studio Creator has is more demanding than other games in that it needs convenience. For other tycoon games, players just need to grow their business to the maximum. However, the cyber room that you create must be really convenient to attract gamers. When they come to your room, they are looking for a place to play games that is as comfortable as being at home. If you provide this, you are really successful already.

Upgrade your system with the money you earn

This is a gaming hub so you must ensure that it becomes more modern day by day. Basically, after a short period of time, a lot of different games will be released with high configuration requirements. If you do not constantly upgrade and retrofit, then make sure that the guests will not be satisfied. First install more new games that are gaining interest, then upgrade your PC system. Buy more managers and service personnel. Create a team that can satisfy every visitor to your service.

Online store to serve your needs at any time

After a period of use, the computers that you equipped before will slowly deteriorate. The most obvious manifestation is the computers take a long time to load. Game Studio Creator presents you with an online store that provides everything you need. Everything you need to buy is sold here at an affordable price. That means the money you spend to buy these items will be worthy of the functionality it brings.

To know what your computer is looking for, you will have to have a bit of knowledge about building a PC. Hardware, software, and peripherals should be fitted proportionally. This will make them work smoothly and beautifully. After playing this game, you might also get a little experience as a computer engineer. Your customers need hours of evaluation experience.

Hire employees and improve service quality

When your business has grown so big, she alone cannot manage everything. Often the player will find that there are several processes that are repeated over and over again. These processes do not need you to be involved. Now players need to hire more employees to help you increase productivity. Players only need to think about future business strategies.

In addition, your cyber zone is a place that promotes convenience. So, more and more services must be provided. Newly trained employees will offer many new services. Moreover, for the movie you have earned the money you deserve, please pay a good salary. They are really a great source of encouragement to help these employees work more and more enthusiastically. In the end, you will still be the one to benefit.


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