Game Genshin Impact

Game Genshin Impact
Publisher miHoYo
Genre RPG
Size 136M
Latest Version 1.3.0_1825294_1872772
Update February 3, 2021 (1 month ago)

Honkai Impact 3rd really became a phenomenon last year when players all over the world were keen on the beautiful fighting scenes of the characters in the game. That success allows developer miHoYo to gain the confidence to produce more products later. Spring 2020 will continue to receive a blockbuster from them. However, at the present time, you can play that product right on your device. Because right now they have opened the closed beta test port and players can access it to fight.

In fact, you can play it on almost all popular gaming devices, both PC and mobile devices. Genshin Impact continues to make the Gaming community feel excited this summer. The beta test always contains minor bugs or features that have not been completed yet. However, it is still a fully-versioned version of the gameplay so you can play and enjoy all its attractions now.

While waiting for Zelda to come to mobile, try Genshin Impact now

Genshin Impact is the latest product of developer miHoYo, so it uses the latest graphics technology to create scenes that appeal to players. Actually, gamers will immerse themselves in endless adventure moments in the game through many exciting stories and scenes. The 3D graphics format is sure to bring out the most beautiful views of a fantastic mythical world. However, it does not use colors that are too dark but have a bright and brilliant appearance.

Although it still uses familiar images of medieval times, it does not have an ominous feeling like games of the same genre. The game will follow the open-world action RPG, with an extensive character system and spectacular fighting scenes. A fighting style you will find is similar to Honkai Impact. Fast-paced, versatile moves combined with harmonic sound effects into one. In fact, it will bring fascinating experiences for players to the standard of an action RPG.

Modern mythology

Things will happen in the world of Teyvat – where people believe “The Seven” converge. Exciting, hugely epic adventures await the fearless adventurers. First, when players join the gameplay will be welcome in the City of Freedom. This place people call you travelers of the wind. It is then that there will be initial instructions to give you a lot of different tasks. This allows players to choose for themselves the appropriate powers and the functions that suit themselves to participate and fight.

The source of the story will have to be traced back to Aeons ago when the world has no human existence. The elder elemental gods gave the earth an intelligent species, teaching them to create a brilliant civilization. However, people do not know how to be humble and greedy, causing this society to die, split, and war. Gods are also sad to observe from their abode in Celestia. That’s why they chose the best person to work with. These chosen people will be the force to keep the balance and keep the order of the world, making everything fit into one. You will be one of them.

The attractive plot, the familiar elements

In Genshin Impact players will play the role of characters transported to another world. However, you and your brothers have been separated. Fortunately, you meet “The Seven” – the gods of each element. And they give you hints to find answers on how to return to your world. However, Teyvat is facing a huge problem. An ancient threat is returning and seeking to destroy this world. As an Outlander, will you help eliminate this threat?

Interesting graphics, cute characters

Genshin Impact is set in a medieval world where people possess the power of Magic. Just here when giving you the feeling of a Fantasy game, creating a positive inspiration. You will have to adventure through many beautiful lands to find the gods of this world. Sometimes you will be immersed in a lush green forest, or go to cities where buildings are built with ancient architecture. It is these places that will make the game’s brand in the eyes of players.

One more thing is that the characters in the game are also extremely beautiful, Anime-style design. If you watch the magical anime then surely will immediately have feelings “Genshin Impact”. Characters in the game are extremely cute, voiced by famous artists. Full sleep visual and sound effects make players feel like they are immersed in a mysterious world, really worth exploring.

Attractive fighting mechanics, divided by elements

As a game with the theme of Medieval Magic, Genshin Impact also uses these elements as the core. Unlike role-playing games of the same genre, it requires players to use more tactics. You must use elemental elements skillfully to defeat the enemy. If you only know how to use your weapon and rush into the battle, you will definitely encounter certain difficulties. There will be elements that counter each other and there will also be elements that support each other. This relationship makes the game diverse in terms of strategy. This is a role-playing game so you’ll control your character in a third-person perspective – over the shoulder. The action factor mixed with the strategy makes it even more appealing.

Therefore, it has Coop Mode, where players can invite their friends to form a party. Basically, this party must have elements capable of supporting each other. When they use their skills, these elements will help increase the damage. Sometimes it will be the supportive effects that help your team increase the necessary defense stats. In this mode, you will have to confront very powerful enemies. After winning, the reward is also very large divided equally among the team.

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