Game Golfmasters – Fun Golf Game

Game Golfmasters – Fun Golf Game
Publisher Playgendary
Genre Arcade
Size 93MB
Latest Version 1.1.3
MOD Info money
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Update April 30, 2020 (11 months ago)

Golfmasters – Fun Golf Game: Instead of investing too much in highly realistic simulation games, many manufacturers choose to optimize and transform their design into animation. Whatever the genre, fascinating gameplay and glamorous graphics will be an ideal condition to bring gamers to the gaming industry. The sports game is a hot game that has many products in the current animation. In particular, not to mention Golfmasters that Playgendary recently released.

LOL Golf

Golfmasters – Fun Golf Game is a golf game. Unlike other games of the same type, characters are often trainers or celebrities, the Golfmasters – Fun Golf Game turned to a sport for …. “animals” literally. If you talk about entertainment, even the main screen, you have to laugh because of the fun effect right after the start.


Our protagonist will be the polar bear, the penguin ball and the golf club … is a wooden stick? – No, it’s a flamingo. You hold down and drag to the right for the bear to take the penguins to fly away. Destination will be very far, but each time you only get a maximum of 3 rounds, please carefully calculate your penguin to reach the destination. Along the way, there will be plenty of help from other animals. All of them have a common effect in helping the penguins go further, so take advantage of the opportunity to bring penguins to those animals to increase their distance.

Complete each level of play, or if your lucky penguin will also receive a certain amount. Use them to upgrade your attack power to the next level. Behind each target, a line is a coconut tree blocking your penguin from flying beyond its destination. If you are careful or have some luck, your penguin can hit the coconut and return to the beginning. Try to level as high as possible. When that happens, you will unlock the game support animals that match your interests. Each angle of force will take the penguin away at different distances, based on the path at the top; you will notice the location where you went and use the remaining kick to complete the level.


It is interesting to note that although the main animals are animals in the Arctic, the play area is desert. This strange looking combination is exactly what Playgendary is aiming for. Funny graphics, funny sound, smooth effect. Easy operation, intuitive interface. All this shows Playgendary investing in Golfmasters – Fun Golf Game pretty much.


Animated design, funny human effects, strange combinations, funny sound,… all of them create a Golfmasters both funny and entertaining. If you need some fun moments to get stressed out after hours of hard work and study, Golfmasters – Fun Golf Game is a great place to start.

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