Game Grand Truck Simulator 2
Publisher Pulsar Gamesoft
Genre Simulation
Size 120M
Latest Version 1.0.28n
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update September 20, 2020 (6 months ago)

Driving simulation game until now still attracts a lot of attention from players around the world. Just a few months to have a game of this genre was released. The quality of them is increasingly higher and gives players excitement in many ways. First of all, there must be a variety of types of vehicles. Then we can see the attraction of gameplay, steep terrain, and exciting community activities. Grand Truck Simulator 2 is the product that continues the success to give players the experience they were waiting for before. Indeed, the innovation in this part 2 will make it completely different from part 1 to form its own appeal and identity. If you have not played part 1, you can still play part 2 comfortably.

Variety of cargo trucks

The most significant change that players have always expected is cars. The primary feature of this Driving game is that players want to enjoy the feeling of driving the cars they like. For sports racing simulation games, the brand new super sports car is definitely the first attraction. So for a transport truck driving simulation game is the same. “Grand Truck Simulator 2” must give players a lot of trucks. They are all entirely new designs with very sophisticated parts to show the compound movements. That is why the challenges in the game will become much more difficult.

Attractive beautiful graphics

The cargo vehicles in the game are elaborate on each image. Thanks to 3D graphics, this game becomes much more attractive and realistic. This game will suggest at least 20 different cargo trucks. Unlike racing cars, cargo cars have to perform a lot of various operations. Therefore, the designs also became complex to describe the actions of the truck. Each one is clearly labeled so you can easily find the model you like. In your spare time, you can use these codes to search on Google when you want to learn a little about trucks.

In addition to the trucks, the in-game map is also made detailed. You will have to go to very far places to be able to deliver goods to customers. And for those who are a little observant can realize that all along the way, there is no spectacle to meet again. That means the background of the game is designed in accordance with what you will experience. Suppose you take a truck to go through so many places. You will feel the gradual change of day and night. Sometimes when you come across places with bad weather such as rain, snow, mud, you will encounter unique situations. Thanks to this, you will gain a lot of different experiences to play games, as well as handle real-life situations. Before departure, but also see the map is where you will have to go to prepare the car for good.

Your vans can be customized freely

Although these vans are designed based on the actual model, you can freely customize it to your liking. This means that there are a few problems during the performance of their tasks. You can take your car to the workshop for repair. The money you get from completing quests can be used to pay for these things. Or you want your truck to be more robust; then you can buy a variety of accessories to mount. Their cost depends on the indicators they bring. In addition to accessories used to increase strength, there are accessories used to decorate. You can freely unlock them with a small amount of money to show your style.

Some of the new things that you can experience in this game

First is that during the journey, you will encounter the toll booths – a place where you stop a truck from paying a small fee. This money is a fee for people to maintain the roads you are going to. It is an exciting real-life simulation feature. For children, it is definitely a lesson they can learn from a simulation game like this.