Game Granny

Game Granny
Publisher DVloper
Genre Arcade
Size 100MB
Latest Version 1.7.9
MOD Info Dumb Bot
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Update January 21, 2021 (2 months ago)

Granny – Game horror is a game that brings a lot of emotions to the player including the obsession, so only the brave or the new dare to play this game. Some of the games that you can mention are L4D2, The visitor, … Each game is different regarding content as well as playing differently. Have a game you will explore yourself or have a game you will choose clues so you can find the way to go. If you are a fan of horror games, I would like to send you the game “Granny” – a tactical game but horror color.

Granny keeps you locked in her house

On how to play the game, it is set in a rather scary context. You will act as a nephew and stay with a “problematic grandmother.” So the purpose of the game is that you can escape from her. But everything is not as easy as you think. Each time you move and make a noise, she will hunt you down and always carry a baseball bat to punish you. The punishment here is much more horror, she will not hit the butt but will hit right in the head causing you to fall. And if you find out, you have to play again. But your retries are limited so you can not play back more than five days. Ending a day counts when you die or are beaten by your grandmother. In those five days, you must try to find the key to open the gate. And I say before you, more than one key to open the gate. Situations and goals are difficult.

Try to get out of there

The game requires a lot of experience as well as a judgment from the player. It is impossible to perform any operation bluntly because it can be moved to Granny. Also, if you meet Granny face-to-face but want to escape, the way you can try is to find the crossbow and the anesthetic arrow. Thanks to that, you will have a minute to avoid Granny and find the key to open the door. And after 1 minute she will continue to pursue you. Another exciting thing is that you can pick up and use that crossbow again. So be careful how long you can get the bunny not to be killed by Granny.

Be silent, Granny hears everything

Secondly, regarding graphics, this is a horror game because you can see the darkness in the background as well as everything. All items are not placed correctly, not cleaned or nothing in the kitchen. Besides, the image of grandmother “dear” is designed in scary no less. Her mouth only had a few teeth, and her mouth was open. She wore a white dress, with only a few silver hairs on her head and a stick on her head that would punish her grandchild. This game will create a lot of scary feeling as well as make it a part of the game.

Through the article, you can see the interesting as well as scary from the title of this game. Please install, and you will experience the most complete. A “lovely” grandmother is waiting for you.


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