Game H3H3: Ball Rider

Game H3H3: Ball Rider
Publisher Outerminds Inc.
Genre Arcade
Size 96M
Latest Version 1.2.0
Get it On Google Play
Update October 3, 2018 (2 years ago)

Are you a YouTube fan? I usually spend 30 to 1 hours a day watching favorite and funny things around me on my favorite channels. If you are a Youtube fan, you probably know the names of the two famous youtube user is Ethan and Hila H3H3Productions entertainment channel. They have done a lot of videos on different topics and topics and have received the attention of many. Not just about the youtube array, they recently teamed up with game developer Outerminds Inc. and launches H3H3: Ball Rider. Join Ethan and Hila in this adventurous adventure!

H3H3: Rider’s Ball Arcade-style games like Subway Surfers endless runner of publisher Kiloo. Instead of manipulating the mischievous kid to escape from the police on the way, you will control Ethan and Hila in a dark tunnel underground. In this game, Ethan has a large round body, like a ball, while Hila is small, being carried by Ethan on his back. You have to control Ethan flying in the tunnel to collect the blue gems that the thief dropped.

Then, a console appears, including an analog stick to adjust the direction of movement on the left and a button to lift Ethan up on the right. You have to touch the directional buttons continuously, and the touch, hold and drop to match the jump button on the right so that Ethan can move away. However, things are not so easy. During the process of collecting green pearls, you will encounter many obstacles such as thugs, saws, roadblocks or even stony columns. Be skillful to avoid them so that Ethan is not hurt.

If you accidentally cause him to collide with dangerous objects, he will be in pain and unable to continue flying, the game will end immediately. Also, notice that the blue bar appears at the top of the screen. Green energy will continue to decline to zero. When the bar is exhausted, Ethan will run out of power, and you have to start a new game. In order to fly longer, collect the pearls on the way! Besides, there are a lot of supporting items such as treasure chests, jewels, gems, speed boost, etc. You can also change the costumes for the two main characters when you have money. Visit the store and choose the more gorgeous outfits and accessories. They will be happy!

Do you want to accompany Ethan and Hila in the endless journey under the dungeon to help them return home? Do not hesitate to download this cool game like this on your pc. The game is free and has a fairly light volume, and only requires your phone to have android 4.1 and above. Download, experience and respond to us about your experience.

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