Game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Publisher Niantic
Genre Casual
Size 60MB
Latest Version 2.14.0
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Update July 25, 2020 (8 months ago)

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be the most noticed game this year. It is known that this is the product Niantic invested carefully after success with Pokemon GO

Harry Potter is one of the most popular modern novels because It brings an incredibly interesting fantasy world. The place where so many people enjoy the experience, ponder over details and understand each character. It has also been adapted into a famous Holly Wood film, which is hugely profitable. In addition to the film, people also use a lot of value to refer to this plot to create other entertainment products. Among them, the game is the most exploited field, giving players exciting and exciting experiences. On famous consoles like Gameboy, DS, GBA, … there are Harry Potter game versions. Currently, on the smartphone platform, there are also no less than 50 games made on this topic. Although there are diversity and an abundance of gameplay like that, there are still many things for creative producers in this topic.

Niantic, Inc. is one of the most famous game publishers on the market today, the new product that marks the success of Pokemon Go. Through that game, the publisher created an entirely new kind of gameplay, and they also sought to apply that innovation to all of their products. “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” is a new and exciting combination of the story of a boy with a lightning-shaped scar and one of the most exciting play games of the past. This time, people will not go looking for Pokemon anymore but will find monsters that are famous through JK Rowling’s pen. From the first launch, it attracted a lot of interest from players around the world. Everyone wants to use magic; everyone wants to see monsters; everyone wants to become Harry Potter.

Adventure in the magic world

Join into Harry Potter’s colorful world; players will receive real-world augmented reality (AR) technology. At this time Adventures will be more real than ever. A world not designed by game makers but the real world that we live in. Through the camera’s lens, players can see the types of monsters, magic objects, and spells used.

It has similarities with Pokemon Go if the challenge will show systematically on the map. Players synchronize their area maps into the game. Then all the familiar things you see every day will no longer be the same. Stay in the dark alleyways that you often fear. Undoubtedly contains a giant spider monster. It is also possible that behind the closet door you are often afraid to hide the hellish three-headed dog Cerberus, … Everything horrible that you know can be hidden at any redhead like that. Your world besides scary monsters gives people a lot of fear; it also has many wonders that you will certainly find appealing. For example, Hogwarts, Magic Ministry and even Quidditch match. Stunning attractions where Harry Potter has won the championship, … Spent seven years in a magic school with Harry Potter and hundreds of different fascinating adventures. That makes this game more special than other versions.

Is it as successful as Pokemon Go?

The title of the first AR (virtual reality) game five years ago, called Ingress, created the premise that Niantic Labs made it to new heights with Pokemon GO last year. Although this game does not maintain the long-term success it has brought a lot to Niantic Labs and the world game industry, which is the trend of AR game development.

One of the topics that many gamers in the world would like it to develop into an AR game similar to Pokemon GO that is the World of Harry Potter. Where players can wiggle their wands together and create magical spells. Of course, we can expect the new Harry Potter game to be used on the Pokemon Go formula before. And Harry Potter: Wizards Unite promises to inherit the achievements as well as the digital platforms that Niantic’s first two products have created – Ingress and Pokemon GO. With this product, players also use AR technology and explore the magical world of Harry Potter in real life. Gamers will begin their journey to learn witchcraft, seek out and fight legendary beasts, or team up to defeat powerful enemies.

Sum up

The childhood of each of us begins with fairy tales, tells of a mysterious world full of magic with beautiful fairies, evil witch, grandson of gratitude, or magic full of power has turned into the comedy of Snow White, make the princess love drowned in a thousand years sleep, or make the prince pride into a monster into a monster, … Until Harry Potter, a collection of long stories of famous female writer JK Rowling was born, the whole world was so violent that no one ever heard about Harry Potter, read Harry Potter, watch Harry Potter, love the “sheep” find the Bible “of his life. Indeed, no one can deny the full power and logic of every detail of a female writer in creating such excellent work.

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