Game Heads Up!

Game Heads Up!
Publisher Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Genre Casual
Size 81MB
Latest Version 4.2.63
MOD Info All Decks Unlocked
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Update July 24, 2020 (8 months ago)

Perhaps somewhere, you’ve seen people play CHARADES games. This is a traditional game, originating from England England. Precisely because of its hilarity, and collective cohesion, it hasn’t spread all over the world for so long. This game is so simple that you do not need any kind of tool, just use your hands and feet to describe the action, and facial expressions to suggest the player guess the difficult crossword. But in today’s digital age, these traditional games have no place to stand. Fortunately, Heads Up! was born and replaced Charades, an application on mobile that helps you find the source of happy inspiration again. In leisure times, enjoy Heads Up! with your friends and dispel fatigue, and regain energy for a productive day!

Trivia on the go

The Heads Up has the same gameplay as Charades. To join this game, you need to have at least two players. One will hold the phone, using Head Up, and the other will stand opposite, and use actions, as well as expressions to active the card that appears on the screen. It can be phrases, images, objects, states, or anything. Certain speakers must not use oral expressions or words to suggest, because if you do so, you will inadvertently lose the appeal of this game. Corresponding to each card, the answer will appear on the screen, and the card will switch automatically after 60 seconds. In this short time, the suggestions must try to perform in the most understandable way for the player to guess. However, the answers are often quite interesting, causing the idea to create fun, highly entertaining actions.

For each player’s answer, if the answer is correct, tilt your phone down to score and move to the next solution. If it’s too hard, tilt it up to skip it, and switch to another card. This game will be much more attractive if you have many people to join. At that time, you often split into 2 teams, each team consists of 1 person who guesses the meaning of the card, and the remaining ones express the meaning of the card to the guessing player. Set the stage for a certain amount of time. After the timer runs out, the team with more points will win.

Heads Up provide many card sets for you to choose from. Each set of cards has different attractive topics for you to choose from. However, there are some card sets that will require payment; you need to use your money to unlock them. In addition to offline play mode with your friends, you can also play online with friends on social networks via live streaming. You can play as a guess or a hint. If you are a hint, the meaning of the card will appear on the screen, and you will use the device’s camera to record the action, for your friend to guess. If they guess correctly, tilt the device down, and if it’s too hard, skip it.


Heads Up! is a simple game, but extremely fun. You will clearly see the entertainment of this game when playing with many of your friends. It was great to spend the holidays or gather with family and friends to play Head Up. This game will create a fun atmosphere for everyone, and bring people together. Currently, this game has more than 10 million downloads on the app market; please be the next one to download it


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