Game I Want To Live

Game I Want To Live
Publisher DJCat
Genre Action
Size 222M
Latest Version 1.0
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Update September 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

If the Plague Inc of Miniclip gives the player a cynical, negative style, I Want To Live comes from DJCat to help people. The opposite is true, but both focus on the general theme of disease. With Plague Inc, the disease will spread widely, even to the whole world. And with I Want To Live, the player will have to deal with zombies – a disease that has no cure. Humanity is on the verge of extinction from this deadly disease. The destiny of the world is dependent on the decision of the player. In this game, the only hope of humanity is probably you – a scientist who is trying to recreate everyone.


To fight the disease that is spreading throughout the town, a human rights organization has been formed. Players need to be involved in the campaign to support purging activities if they do not want to be infected. Using the pre-equipped weapons, the player must confront the zombies who appear unexpectedly and attack everything. I Want To Live provides players with the ability to use unlimited ammo. This helps the player does not have to overthink about the use of weapons when the punch and kick do entirely not destroy the zombies. Protectors can link and share each other’s position with AI technology. Players can easily call for help or rescue anyone in a more flexible way. The zombies are mostly organized in groups, so fighting alone is not easy. Your teammates will support this.

When someone is attacked by zombies, that person does not immediately turn into zombies. At this point, a small warning will appear to the player to detect, kill them just before the disease began to work. In addition, the use of vehicles such as cars, buses,… will help players reduce quite a lot of power is directly attacked. But to be sure of completely avoiding the zombies, we have to know the characteristics of them. Zombies often use basic sensory organs such as hearing, smell to find and attack prey. The use of items that help to cover themselves and reduce noise will limit the chance of zombies being recognized. It is time to strike and escape.


I Want To Live 3D graphics quite honestly. Extremely wide viewing angle. Battle maps are generous. The effect and image investment is quite good, meticulous and careful, creating a space extremely lively and true. The console is laid out comfortably, exceptionally neatly. Make sure the experience space is not overused. Colors are dark and dark, and the horror of the zombies is even higher. The sound element is also one of the things that makes the game playable.


If you are a fan of the horror game Zombies, try the I Want To Live game. However, this version requires a small fee to own. But if there are conditions, why not try to try it. Definitely will be interesting!

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