Game Ice Age Village
Publisher Gameloft
Genre Simulation
Size 56MB
Latest Version 3.6.0f
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Acorns
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Update August 17, 2019 (2 years ago)

Ice Age is one of the most liked movies about the time of prehistoric times when humans have not yet appeared. It tells the story of animals and their relationship with one another in a time when everything is wild and uncontrollable. After five films have been released in theaters worldwide, brand credibility and music sales are undisputed. Ice Age Village is one of the most successful products to exploit this theme, with over 50 million downloads worldwide. Gameloft really succeeded with this product.

Immerse yourself in the unique world of Ice Age!

Ice Age Village has been described by some journalists as a game with simulated gameplay that blends a little bit of zoo management and above all, there’s always a fun factor. People also appreciate the efforts of the game publisher when they are continually updating the game even though it has been released for a long time. In my subjective assessment, it’s like a casual game; everything is minimalistic and friendly with many different levels of players. You can be a kid who loves the series, but also an adult who wants to have fun with his children. Everyone has their own smartphone; every Smartphone contains a small island, which has a world.

The image design of the gene is, of course, available when it takes everything from the hit series. Besides, players can use new things that have just been created right in this game. This story is probably a bit of an idea from part 5 of the series. Scrat has accidentally cracked the Earth’s crust while deliberately chasing his favorite chestnuts. Everything has fallen into a crisis when animals are entirely destroyed. She will be the savior of everyone here when building them a place to stay and provide a full source of food.

Cute, charming, and most of all fun

The scene in the game is designed to be extraordinarily diverse and beautiful when it allows players to explore many parts of the world, and you will even be taken to places where there is no reign of ice, Everything is like a tropical island year-round summer. There will be many different types of products. For example, fruit and other diverse animals will build a world that includes both familiar characters and new characters that only appear in this game only. Can you live in this happy village?

As mentioned above, this will be a game with the simulation of the simulation, the zoo when you will have to build a large area, and there will be a lot of animals from prehistoric times. Familiar names like Sid, Manny & Diego – and of course the nutty little guy, Scrat, … Contributes a great deal to the formation of the story and the running of the gameplay. Besides, it will be the contribution of many other animals such as American pandas, sharks, monkeys, dinosaurs. “Ice Age Village” will offer many mini-games for you to overcome and earn rewards. They will help players build a more beautiful island.

MOD Info

  • Just look at the amount of money after you have made the first money in the game.
  • After winning the first acorn in the game you just need to look at the amount of acorn.
  • Sometimes the amount of money and acorn in the game can be reset, if you earn money or acorn again will be unlimited.