Game Ice Skating Ballerina
Publisher Coco Play By TabTale
Genre Simulation
Size 40MB
Latest Version 1.2.3
MOD Info Unlocked All
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Update October 7, 2019 (1 year ago)

Figure skating is an extremely popular sport all over the world and is a subject many people choose to participate in countries with cold winters like Korea, Sweden … Even At the Winter Olympic Games in 1908, this sport was also selected as one of the sports competitions here. Even in the 13th century, ice skating was a way to move more quickly in freezing conditions. If you are passionate about this subject, download now Ice Skating Ballerina, produced by Coco Play By TabTale. This is a famous company from China specializing in producing games for children. And this time is no exception, the game is aimed at young children. But that does not mean that only young children can play this game, anyone with a passion for skating can download and experience the game right now. So are you a figure skater?


You will play the role of a girl who has interests in figure skating with the dream of participating in great competitions and winning. One day, you were skating alone on the ice when suddenly a girl came up and said she wanted to work with you. You realize that this girl is a famous coach who led the national team to the Winter Olympics last year. She is looking for potential athletes to join the national team to compete this year, and she has found friends. After a while of chatting, you accepted to join the team under her guidance.


Because it was aimed at young children, the gameplay is extremely easy to understand. You just need to watch for a while to understand how to play the game. The game has integrated the gameplay of fashion games to make the game more diverse and attract more players. Before joining a tournament, you will be able to choose for yourself the beautiful costumes to confidently enter the match. To participate in a competition, you must choose 4 skating techniques out of 12 skills to form a combination. Players can also preview to know how the technique slipped before making a choice. After your performance is over, you will be graded by 3 judges, the one with the highest score will be the winner. In sports, injuries are inevitable, there will be times when you will get injured. At such times, please take your character to the hospital to know where the injury is. To heal, the player must play a puzzle game of the genre. You will piece the debris into place so that they are perfect.


The game has 2 game modes, Single and Pair, nothing different except the number of participants in the match. When you play Single, you can only slide alone with 12 movements. But when playing Pair, you will be sliding along with a male athlete and the number of movements will be more than the number 16.


Promises to give players great features for players to have the Exciting experience while playing the game.


In the game, there are countless different costumes from Skirts, Dresses, seamless costumes, Socks, Skates all have a variety of colors and designs. Even costumes for male characters also have many different models for players to choose from. Choose for yourself a beautiful outfit to participate in the contest and win.


Every time you participate in a contest that if you achieve high rankings, you will receive a cumulative score, the higher the score, the higher your rank in the rankings. Not only the individual rankings but also the national rankings to know which country is the top. Win a gold medal to prove yourself and bring glory to your country.


Designed by the game’s creative team in a very lively and colorful 3D graphic style. Characters in the game are drawn in a 3D animation, the player can observe each technique used by the character in the most panoramic way.


While a player’s character participates in a competition, there will be accompanying effects such as traces left on the ice surface as you slide. Players will be able to choose between 3 effects that the game’s creative team put on. The sound in the game is also very lively and true, as the sound emitted when skating on the ice sounds very real. So if you have a passion for figure skating, download Ice Skating Ballerina immediately.