Game Idle Inn Tycoon

Game Idle Inn Tycoon
Genre Simulation
Size 145M
Latest Version 0.75
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 8, 2021 (5 days ago)

Everyone knows the Inn is a place to stay that often appears in fantasy worlds; at the same time, it is the busiest place when every evening is bustling with parties and offers hundreds of delicious meals. In other words, the Inn is a great place to relax and enjoy short stays, and they are frequently mentioned in stories or fantasy franchises. If you want to manage an Inn with your style, then download Idle Inn Tycoon, an exciting management simulation game with great potential for players. It uses high-poly graphics and is built in a fantasy world, so players will continuously meet exciting guests, from animals to famous demihumans.


Idle Inn Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Tycoon is a simulation genre about any area players interested in and combined with the idle system to bring profits whether the player is away or offline. And Idle Inn Tycoon will reimagine all the most important elements and processes to build a perfect Inn, and even players can make their Inn become the most famous in a fantasy city. The game will also introduce a myriad of exciting factors, including mini-games and a story system, giving players a wealth of things to explore and experience. Of course, the Idle feature is the most prominent, so players can manage the Inn, participate in activities, and receive offline income every time they return. Idle Inn Tycoon’s tycoon-style gameplay seems endless, at the same time developed with depth and promises to bring players many interesting elements based on player progress.


Idle Inn Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Inn is a place where people come and go, relax or enjoy hearty meals, while at the same time relaxing and entertaining with other customers. The player’s job is simple; it is to continuously provide the guests with the best relaxing experiences, such as the quality of food, excellent service, and drinks. Besides, players must build and design the Inn in a unique way; even the game will introduce players to a decoration and renovation system for them to delight in expressing their creativity. The player’s Inn can be developed endlessly, like expanding, building new floors, and introducing new customers to services for relaxation.


Idle Inn Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Inn is seen as another view of the hotel, where there are rooms, bathrooms, a backyard, and finally a restaurant or dining. So players will be shown their culinary skills, including serving all the guests with great drinks. The game will introduce players to the menu system, where players upgrade services and kitchens and are also the main source of revenue for them to develop or invest in Inn in the future. Of course, players can change settings, hire more employees, and expand the Inn and new services to attract more guests. Not only serving but players must ensure high-quality rooms, helping customers always to feel comfortable and ready for a new day after a bustling night.


Idle Inn Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Idle Inn Tycoon does not restrict the player to the management of Inn or other management activities, so the game introduces players to a storyline quest system. It is a system that helps players develop and discover all the features of the game from an interesting perspective. A player’s Inn can also provide requests to guests, allowing them to generate an income while enjoying the Inn’s services. The game’s storyline missions lead players to other activities, with lots of fun to explore and expand their Inn.


Idle Inn Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

If a player thinks that an Inn is not enough, they can expand their branch or build a landmark to generate more revenue while away. Each building has its unique use, and all will bring players lots of attractive fortune throughout the process of managing their Inn chain. Players can also unlock new cities, build other types of Inn, and serve customers on a broader scale.


Idle Inn Tycoon (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

A typical feature of Tycoon games is the staff system, which allows the idle player system to be automated in certain areas or units. That is no exception to Idle Inn Tycoon, which even helps players’ Inns thrive with more massive revenue streams. Players can also collect adorable pets, arrange them anywhere in the Inn, and enjoy the bustling atmosphere that Inn customers and staff bring.

Idle Inn Tycoon is a relaxing and engaging game, using the idle system and tycoon gameplay to simulate the Inn management process. At the same time, it shows the typical atmosphere of the Inn in fantasy worlds, enjoys the pleasure of customers, entertaining amusement, and decorate the Inn with signature style. If you want to manage or experience the feeling of developing and expanding a chain of Inn stores, then this game will be a new experience for you.


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