Game Jelly Shift

Game Jelly Shift
Publisher SayGames
Genre Arcade
Size 45MB
Latest Version 1.8.7
MOD Info Coins/All Unlocked
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Update March 4, 2021 (1 week ago)

SayGames is a game developer known for the product such as Twist Hit, Wobble 3D, Street Dunk, Idle Painter, Rocky Climb, Clean Road and Rope Around. These products are rated as simple gameplay, but easily cause players to sink for hours. Constantly provide users with the best experience, SayGames has launched Jelly Shift. What do you expect in this game? Fun, entertainment, unique gameplay or something else?


How does Jelly Shift play?

Similar to SayGames previous games, this game is designed to be quite simple and focused on skills. You will control a block of jelly and transform the shape of it appropriately to pass through gates of different shapes. So how to change the shape? You just need to touch the screen and swipe up or down. With each swipe up, the jelly will increase in height and decrease in width, while swiping down, it will be lower and wider. Note that, even if change any shape, it’s the surface area is unchanged. Clearly, this game does not require you to change in any type form, the ultimate goal is just to cross the gate.


However, this is a 2D game and the player is only supported with a single perspective, and the player cannot change the perspective. So how can the player be sure that his jelly block is not blocked by the gate, while the pace of the game keeps increasing and the gates are placed quite close together? The system will project the shadow of the block on the gates. From there, you will see if the jelly can pass through the gate, it is too high or too wide to adjust accordingly.


To play Jelly Shift better!

Every game has tips and after a while of experiencing Jelly Shift, I can give some useful tips so you can go through more levels.

Fever: Perhaps this is the best and most obvious tip. At the top of the screen is the “FEVER” energy bar, this energy bar will be continuously increased if pass through the gate perfectly (the shape of the jelly block resembles the shape of the gate). Until the FEVER energy bar is full, you will be protected with green armor. This is an invincible state, the jelly is not only protected, but it can destroy all the gates in a while.

Focus on gaps: In the gameplay tutorial, I mentioned this. The game does not require you to change the shape of quartz to the perfect level to pass through the gates. The reason is that will take a lot of time to change the shape most accurately, while the pace of the game is constantly increasing. Therefore, FEVER is only suitable for the speed of the game is not too fast, the gates are not too close together and you have good playing skills.

Collect items: On the way to your destination, you may encounter some fruits such as apples, watermelons or ice cream sticks. Try to cross the gates and collect them. With each item collected, the system will reward you with 50 purple jewels, and if collect 3 items, the system will bonus more 100 purple diamonds. So the question is what does diamond do? Diamonds are used to buy more special shaped gems or to buy skins to create a more beautiful effect.


Hard challenges

Jelly Shift organizes games by level. You will start at level 1, then level 2, level 3, … one by one. Each level, the challenge will change. The gates have special shapes and are quite difficult to overcome. Moreover, the pace of the game is also quite fast, requiring players to be able to observe well and be quick to pass. However, so far, the developer has not announced how many levels this game has. They said that they will constantly update and supplement new levels and challenge players to pass their levels. They have added board rank features to the game and saved everyone’s achievements. In this feature, you can also check your rankings compared to other players. How many levels can you pass in this game?


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