Game King of Kings

Game King of Kings
Publisher Tencent
Genre RPG
Size 1,54 GB
Latest Version 1.7.0
Update August 27, 2018 (3 years ago)

From prehistoric times to modern times, people have always struggled to become king. They want to govern everything under their control. Live is to fight. But there are also some very talented people who can defeat other kings and unite all the lands. The man who made this call was called King of Kings.

And yet, in the dark ages of humanity, when people still do not understand all the natural phenomena and think that it is the power of the god, the King becomes the contact with the god. At the same time, legendary myths about supernatural powers, mysterious creatures were spoken by the people. In order to become a king, in addition to capturing all the other kings, they must overcome the terrible trials of the gods.

King of Kings depicts that world, with its unique blend of Western culture and the classic color of Chinese culture. If you are watching the game market situation, will guess immediately blockbuster. This is the latest product of Tencent.

Thanks to the latest technology the game creates an open world, vast boundless. The number of players that the game can contain is almost endless. So if you take part in this map, you will have to spend a lot of time traveling from one place to another and learning a variety of cultures, geography, and history that are incorporated into the excitement.

An open world map for an MMORPG is the best thing a game maker can do for their customers. King of Kings still follows the classic, traditional role-playing game. First, players will be allowed to create characters directly, from gender, appearance, face to personality and exceptional strength. Then start your journey based on the tasks that the manufacturer has made available in the game. Until you have the power to be adventurous without having to be afraid of being attacked unexpectedly and die unreasonably. Then do more demanding tasks, not based on the designer’s possible suggestions. In fact, the game offers over 1000 quests including free quests and quests.

A familiar MMORPG, with its familiar MFI controller, will move around the map flexible and can use the most skillful and agile skills. In addition, you can invite your best friends in a game to reduce the difficulty of the game and increase the ability to win. The story of the Western wisdom, combined with the Chinese culture is incorporated into the creation of monsters with the traits of cultural interpenetration. Doing tasks, killing bosses, fighting PvP are excellent points but still, attract a lot of gamers.


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