Game Knights Fight 2

Game Knights Fight 2
Publisher Vivid Games S.A.
Genre Action
Size 715M
Latest Version 1.5.5
MOD Info Dumb Bot
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Update March 6, 2021 (1 week ago)

A knight is someone with respect and skill to deal with the challenges on the battlefield. They possess shining armor and sharp swords, ready to destroy any enemy to bring victory to the country. The knight’s image is always a noble, heroic image and gradually appears in games with medieval themes. Players can incarnate into these characters, experience senses, and show their skills. If you love knights’ theme, then Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory is the right game for you.


Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory is a fighting game between knights, and your task will be to upgrade your character to win. This game gives players a medieval-themed environment, where you will feel familiar with the titles you often watch. The cliffs, ramparts, and arenas will all be environments for heroes to show their skills.

Knights Fight 2 (MOD, Dumb Bot) ***

When starting with this game, you will indeed feel impressed and want to experience this game. You will feel the urge to transform into these characters and take part in fiery battles. Therefore, it can be said that for a fighting game, creating an environment where players can focus on the struggle is a necessity.

Knights Fight 2 (MOD, Dumb Bot) ***

Besides the environments above, you will also find knights designed in great detail, from armor to swords. It is the factor that players will look forward to when coming to this game. They were utterly able to become a knight and use their skills to take down the enemy. So the game did a good job creating a new world for players.


As introduced above, Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory is a fighting game in which you will spend your best to subtract the enemy’s health bar. It looks straightforward, but there will be many factors that affect the gameplay of this game. The characters are equipped with swords and shields so you can both defend and attack. But sometimes, thanks to a change in the weapon, the protection completely disappears.

Knights Fight 2 (MOD, Dumb Bot) ***

For this game, you will control the character with two hands. Specifically, the right side will be the directional button, and the left side will be action and attack. So it’s not an entirely new way of getting around, but it’s no less complicated. The player must know how to move fluently and take the necessary moves. Some weaknesses will show up during the activity, and you will need to know how to exploit them properly.


The question posed in this case is, will capturing the move increase your chances of winning? It is related to the player’s skill. The knights would often press together and cause attacks to try to subtract the opponent’s blood. Anyone can own a weapon, and it takes a long time to have a certain level of proficiency.

Knights Fight 2 (MOD, Dumb Bot) ***

The swords taken are slashed at a certain angle and depend on the left directional button. Simultaneously, you must also make the most of dodge and attack skills when the enemy reveals an opening. Grasping this is not quite as simple as you think. Knowing how to move is only the first step to victory. Simultaneously, do not forget to research the triangle that usually appears on the opponent; when you study it, you can gain more experience in battle.


Besides the skills you often see in matches, one factor that you should not ignore is the powerful equipment that will help you become more resilient when facing other players. In this game, there will be many different types of weapons and armor that you can find. You will find a style that suits you during the game, and do not forget to protect yourself with sturdy armor.

Knights Fight 2 (MOD, Dumb Bot) ***

One of the factors that make you invest in equipment is that each item has its stats and offers unique features. For example, break the defense, hit poison, add damage, etc. In battles, any small advantage can make you a winner. Therefore, you need to think about a style that suits you to win your glory.

Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory is a fighting game that anyone will want to experience with the desire to become a knight. The game offers you different environments, and you will feel close to the experience. In it, players will show their skills through many matches and find a suitable style. Also, don’t forget to add powerful equipment to give you an edge in difficult situations.


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