Game Last Fishing

Game Last Fishing
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Genre Simulation
Size 102M
Latest Version 0.105
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update February 20, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

The emulator games always give players many exciting experiences, and it’s hard to miss them. Players can find various gameplay styles in this genre as they often derive from everyday life activities. So the gameplay is quite rich with activities that you have never tried before. Gradually, this game genre also attracts many players to love. So, if you are someone who wants to experience these games, Last Fishing: Monster Clash is a perfect game.



Last Fishing: Monster Clash gives you an environment that anyone loves. You will be standing on an island with many sceneries and surrounded by the sea. The game possesses a colorful and sunny background that anyone will be impressed and eager to experience. Therefore, it can be said that the game gives players a situation, and they will have to get used to it and adapt to it in a dignified way. This game gives you a life like a Robinson.

You can interact and find what you like on this island, and it is an open world. Some will act as the environment, but others can be collected and support your play. So when you stand near something new, don’t hesitate to check it thoroughly, and some unexpected things may drop in front of you. At the same time, you won’t be the only human on this island.


The game gives you a first-person perspective to fully immerse yourself in the environment and character’s role. You can say you see what appears to make you feel like you are genuinely experiencing it. So you will ultimately be able to play this game most excitingly with a reasonably distributed dashboard. You can do whatever you like and fish the fish you want.


Last Fishing: Monster Clash gives you a wicked situation when you live on an island and are immersed in nature. At the same time, you can only interact with a single human, so this will require you to find a way to survive through fishing effectively. In this game, the focus is entirely on fishing, but without any health stats. So you can say fishing is to gather more resources and experience different fish species.


At the beginning of the game, you will see a rod symbol on the left-hand side indicating what bait you have. You can collect them by finding insects by interacting with things around you. Specifically, for a crawling insect, you can easily catch them. Or for the worms, you can hit the seabirds or search for dead animals. Their use is similar to real-life bait.

You can still catch fish without bait, but attracting many fish with a high star rating is also very difficult. If you don’t need bait, then what you need is luck. There will be a rich fish list and the increasing number of stars that you need to complete in this game. It is similar to the Pokedex from the Pokemon series. Simultaneously, their health also increases with the star number, so you need to use all your skills and luck.



The game offers a fishing mechanic that requires a lot of finger power. Specifically, you need to fight against it to pull it up successfully when you catch a fish. There will be two factors associated with success: the arc with a vertical bar always running. You will try to press the button to drag the bar to the right; if you let it go in the opposite direction, the fish will disappear. At the same time, you will not drag the fish to the surface with a single hit.

Specifically, you will need to do the above activity for a certain amount of time to wait for its health to return to zero. So when you are entirely successful in doing these two activities, the fish you are fishing will also lie on your hand and then be added to the bucket. But for high blood types, sometimes they will go out before the health bar can be drained. So this is why you will need the extra weapons on the left side, such as the pistol, to reduce some of the fish’s health and need cooldown time.



Last Fishing: Monster Clash gives you a limit of fish buckets, so once it’s full, the next thing you need to do is sell them for money. Anyone will have to admit that the higher the number of fish stars, the greater the sale. So, if you want to make more money, you need to find high-level fish, but it is not easy to catch it. That presents players with challenges that anyone will want to overcome.


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